4BETTER OR WORSE- The week in review

Biggest arrest: Stuarts Draft resident Ralph Leon Jackson, 56, is taken into custody April 7 for the April 5 shooting that killed WNRN DJ Tim Davis, 27, and injured Christina Floyd, 18, on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Best revisionism: Governor Bob McDonnell proclaims April Confederate History Month in anticipation of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War– without mentioning that pesky slavery issue. 

Hastiest revision: Following the outrage, McDonnell adds a paragraph to the proclamation recognizing that slavery was "an evil and inhumane practice."  

Heaviest revision: The Albemarle Planning Commission votes to allow heavy industrial activities, such as brick and tire manufacture, or concrete mixing, on land zoned for light industry. Brian Wheeler has the story for Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Most sacrificial sentence: Car break-in thief Ricky Allen Corbin Jr., 20, takes the rap for a string of thefts over five months to allow his accomplice and mother of this children, Brittany Marie Minter, 20, to get off on a suspended sentence. She pleads guilty April 7 to one count of credit card theft and driving with a suspended license, according to Tasha Kates in the Progress. Corbin faces 28 charges and will be back in court April 21.

Most visible loss: Satyrfield Farm activist and City Market regular John Coles, 71, dies April 4 from pancreatic cancer. Coles and partner Christine Solem creatively fought state health regulations that prevented farmers from selling unpasteurized products directly to the public–- and even gave away their goat cheese.

Latest obstacle for wannabe-voter felons: Governor McDonnell requires a personal letter from felons seeking restoration of voting rights that includes information about the offense, conviction, employment, church, community service and reasons why restoration of voting rights is justified. Virginia is one of two states that automatically disenfranchises felons from the ballot booth, and only the governor can restore voting rights.

Best anniversary: One of the oldest operating observatories in the world, the Leander McCormick Observatory turns 125 on April 13 (better known as Jefferson's birthday).

Best news for university employees: UVA will spend nearly $2.3 million to avoid a one-day furlough of its staff that was mandated by the state.

Best/worst news for homeowners: More houses sold in the first quarter of 2010 than a year ago– but the prices dropped, according to the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors. The median price for Albemarle dropped from $290K a year ago to $285,300, and Charlottesville went from $262,893 to $248K.

Biggest war chest: Embattled U.S. Representative Tom Perriello has $1.4 million and raised $600K the first quarter of this year, making him well positioned, according to his campaign, to fend off the seven Republicans clamoring for their party's nomination to take on Perriello in November. Brian McNeill has the story in the Progress.

Most unbearable: A yearling bear cub that had been hanging around Old Trail in Crozet is euthanized by state game officials April 2 because it had become too accustomed to being fed by humans, according to the Newsplex. 

Most stressful: The Daily Beast names UVA the most stressful college in Virginia and number 36 in the U.S. 

Wildest party: Riot police are called April 10 to JMU's Springfest to disperse the 8,000 partiers with tear gas, according to various media reports. Between 20 and 30 people are arrested.

Coolest ending: Harrisonburg police, who earned dubious national attention for lodging felony charges against two JMU students for throwing snowballs at cars in February, let 21-year-old Ryan William Knight and Charles Joseph Gill perform community service in a misdemeanor plea deal.



Coolest Ending: Harrisonburg police, who earned dubious national attention for lodging felony charges against two JMU students for throwing snowballs at cars in February....

Wonder what the 20 to 30 have been charged with that were arrested during the "riot" at the Spring Fest event???? Will be interesting to see.......

If slavery is "evil and inhumane", then the publisher and editor of a magazine that lavishes praise and admiration upon a slaveholder in it's last page essay can rightly be called "evil and inhumane". Hawes Spencer is evil and inhumane, just like Thomas Jefferson (and Adolf Hitler).

Oh cripes . . . yet another comparison to Hitler. Why don't we try comparing people we don't like to Stalin or Pol Pot for awhile, just for a change of pace.