MY RIDE- Damon Cyr: 2002 Chrysler Prowler

It's safe to say that few cars in Charlottesville catch the eye like Damon Cyr's silver Chrysler Prowler.

"My car is one of only 98 Prowlers produced in 2002 in the silver color," says Cyr, who says Prowler owners affectionately refer to their rides as "cats."

Just 12,000 Prowlers were produced by Plymouth and by Chrysler between 1997 and 2002, so Cyr doesn't see many like his on the road.

The narrow body makes the car look long, but Cyr says looks can be deceiving. "It's actually more than two feet shorter than a Firebird," he says.

The decision to purchase his "cat" was simple.

"I bought it because it's the most attractive car, period," he says. And he's bought accessories that make it even more noticeable.

Paintings of fierce cats on the front and sides are not actually on the car itself; they're on a custom "bra," created for Cyr by a Louisiana artist. 

Because the Prowler doesn't have much in the way of storage space, Cyr bought a custom external trunk, called a "weekender," which he can attach to the back to haul luggage. 

Spare tire? It doesn't need one.

"The factory tires are run-flats, capable of operating safely for a number of miles after going flat," he says.

Cyr says people love the car.

"I get lots of smiles and thumbs-up as I drive the Prowler," he says, and he's always prepared to reward the enthusiasm. 

"Often, I give away toy Prowlers to admirers, which gets me even more smiles," he says.

But even better than the car's look is the way it handles.

 "With its low center of gravity and wide tires, it's fun driving the Prowler on curvy roads," he says. "It grips the road like a cat with claws."



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AWESOME ride Damon has there! You don't see one of those cars on every corner!