LETTER- Give reasons, don't rant

I was surprised that you chose to run Clayton Greiman's letter, "Gay slurring tolerated," [urging expulsion for a student who hurled homophobic epithets] in the November 9 Hook. The piece left me wondering whether Greiman's opinions [that UVA tolerates such behavior] are based on fact. What are UVA's diversity policies? Is it true that students caught "hurling racial or religious slurs" have been dismissed? 

I know that the U.S. Constitution protects my right to say whatever I like about different races, sexualities, or religious groups as long as it doesn't jeopardize public safety. But what are the parameters of speech and assembly on UVA property? I can't tell if anything Greiman said is true, and his comments left me wanting more. 

     Slurring others in a public forum disturbs my sensibilities, deeply offends me, and is definitely not something I participate in or personally condone. I also think that generally people need to consider the appropriateness of many of their actions. No one needs to create a law or new policy about that for me to act ethically by my own moral code.  

I do think that immediately associating a malicious action with its most evil example, the way Grieman did with the Laramie murder, is an inappropriate response. He seemed to be sinking to their level here, and it came off as a bitter, emotional rant from someone who was offended to his very core.

    I'm sure the letter was a great conversation piece for many, and creating dialogue is always good. Heck, I wrote in. However, in comparison to the rest of the publication, the letter seemed extreme and didn't fit.

Tara Faust
Lake Monticello