MY RIDE- Meredith Benincasa 2005 Saab 92X

When Meridith Benincasa and her husband, Francesco, bought their 2005 Saab 92X hatchback last year, they loved the car's sporty style. There was just one problem: they couldn't drive it.

"Neither one of us knew how to drive a stick shift," Meridith laughs. No matter. "We went forward with it and bought a car we couldn't drive," she says.

They bought it, but they couldn't take if off the lot until at least one of them got some quick lessons. Francesco stepped to the plate and learned in time to take the new ride home. Meridith wasn't far behind, but she says it did take a while to get completely comfortable.

"I'd drive the car around town hoping not to get stuck on a hill," she says.

Fortunately, the days of taking the flattest route are over for Meridith and Francesco, who own La Cucina restaurant on Water Street. 

"I love it, and I love driving a stick," she says, adding that the new skill will come in handy as the couple heads to Italy over Thanksgiving to visit Frankie's family.

"Now we can drive around over there," she says.


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