MY RIDE- Jonathan Huckstep: 1983 Chevy 20 custom van

The Chevy that Jonathan Huckstep rides around in might be nearly 25 years old, but he can still floor it. Literally, in fact. Huckstep, who works for Gibson's Flooring, says the van's roomy interior allows the crew to tote plenty of carpet and rolls of vinyl– even hardwood flooring– to and from jobs. 

And while other vintage vans might show their age, Huckstep says the Chevy is raring to go.

"It's a smooth ride– most mornings," says Huckstep with a laugh. 

Oh? Trouble starting in the cold?

No, no, he says: "It cranks right up."


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While I must fault you for not having a Ford, ;-p (see last week's column). The last time I owned a van was 1987. I had just finished doing some campaign time for my main man, Ronnie Reagan. May his soul rest in everlasting peace. Regardless, the van ran like a beaut'. Prior to the campaign, I used the van to cart around my New Wave band, Modern Talk. You might remember our song, "You Can Hide (Don't Hide)" playing on some of the local power rock stations. After three years on the road, Bill (our keytarist) died of coke and we had to call it quits. That's when I got into Reagan. That was 1987 or so, I think. Anyway if this van's a rockin', Johnny, well, you know the rest. Take care Johnny.