PHOTOPHILE- King's spring: Glorious weather for MLK day

Seventy degrees and sunny. Was this really January? Locals took advantage of balmy weather to enjoy Martin Luther King Day on Monday, January 15, biking, walking, sipping and chatting as a cold front loomed to the west. 

Even dire reports of melting ice caps and rising sea levels couldn't dampen the high spirits inspired by the warmth.

"It's the upside of global warming," joked John Rossi, eating ice cream with wife, Maria.

"I moved from New England to get away from the cold weather, so this is great," raved David Austin. 

By mid-week, temperatures were dropping and clouds had rolled in, but for that one day, at least, we all had a dream... of spring.

Musicians Clarence Green, and Gerald Soriano of the Downbeat Project. "It's the perfect day to share a vibe," says Green.

(from left) Noah, Paul, Graeme, and Zoe Rosner out for a bike ride..

Maria and John Rossi. "It's the upside of global warming" says John.

David Austin (left) and Bill Bascom (right) enjoy a game of golf in January at Meadowcreek. 

Joe, Leia, and Frank Squillace play tennis with friends Virginia (far right), Jed, and Mary Dittmar.