MY RIDE- Jason Hoffman: 1988 Dodge Raider

Jason Hoffman likes his quirky Dodge Raider even though it doesn't go very fast or get very good gas mileage.

"But the price was right," says Hoffman, who bought the car from his mom. "And it's small, so it's easy to park downtown."

When he first got the car, Hoffman was eager to test out the four-wheel drive feature, so he decided to go off-roading. 

"I went over a ditch that was a little too deep, and bent the bumper pretty badly," he says. "There's also a bloodstain in the back from a previous owner in Arizona.The guy was a hunter and must have hauled deer around back there." 

Hoffman's Raider may not be the classiest ride on the block, but he says you can't beat a car with personality. 

Jason Hoffman