QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What would you ask Queen Elizabeth II?

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Andrew Culbertson: "I'd ask the Queen her reaction to Helen Mirren's portrayal of her in the recent movie The Queen."


Elijah Graves: "I'm under the impression that she would have servants at her every call. I'd be curious about whether she would want to do things on her own, for herself."


Jodi Frederikson: "I would want to know her thoughts and feelings on President Bush. She's very sophisticated; she's very beautiful; she's of a very different class than President Bush."



I would ask Her Majesty is she would like more power to govern than she currentl has. Right now she can only consult, advse and warn the Prime Minister. Would she like the right to independently veto legislation?

I would like to ask Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she will visit more non-Commonwealth countries, such as the Philippines, for trade and education exchange? We speak and write English (the Queen's language) there too, aside from Pilipino (and various dialects).

Are you a distant relative? My Aunt Violet sure looked a lot like you!

I'd like to ask her how she feels about being the tremendous financial burden on the british taxpayer considering she does absolutely nothing to warrant such an expenditure. How does it benefit the average Brit to spend that kind of money on the "Royal" family? And it's the 21st century... isn't it time to grow up and realize that we dont need "Royals" anymore(if we ever really did).

I would ask her if she attended Elton John's "wedding."

If she was there, it was not publicly announced.

One thing, however, is certain:


Elizabeth is not queen.


I would ask the Queen if she is going to miss Tony Blair and if she ever goes to Princess Diana's grave to say hello.

I want to know if Liz prefers granny panties or thongs!!

which newspaper does queen elizabeth read?

I would ask her majesty, if she could order for me to be mentally sectioned in Rampton

I would ask her about the fact that she & Bush are blood related. Plus I'd ask her about her affiliation w/ the Bank of England. Doesn't she have partial ownership in it? I believe she does. If so, why does she continue to support the Global Dictatorship that the World Banks sponsor? Doesn't she already have more money than she knows what to do with? At her age, she should be wise enough to know that the purpose of life is to truly help those less fortunate, not continue to oppress them. She has the power & position to really make a difference. She could leave a lasting Legacy of Good if she would join the anti-globalist Movement.

I wish I could chat with Her Majesty about our common lifelong love of horses.

I would ask her -- WHAT is in that purse???