LETTER- No sympathy for Kelly

I found the reporting of Elisa Kelly's story to be very upsetting ["Kelly's plight: Incarcerated 'soccer mom' talks at last," June 21].  

There's nothing in the report indicating that Kelly views her provision of alcohol to minors as a mistake. She claims other parents did it frequently, that she took safety precautions, and that the police are somehow to blame for trespassing on her property.  

I don't have an opinion about the length of her jail sentence, but as the father of two teenage boys, I have a hard time generating any sympathy for her actions.

Aron Teel


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Aron Teel,
I agree with you. I think that some of the more recent stories about this case have also forgot the context of that terrible summer when a girl from AHS was killed and another forever injured in an alcohol related accident, just weeks before the Robinsons' party.
Also, Ms. Kelly now says she did not lie to other parents about whether alcohol would be served but earlier accounts were pretty clear that she had done so.
What has happened to her children is very sad but that is the fault of their parents, not the legal system.