You're hired: Trump to keep Kluge and Moses at winery

On the same day that Donald Trump announced that he won't be making a run for the U.S. presidency, his son reveals that the famous deal-maker plans to continue to invest in the wine operation he recently bought out of foreclosure– and that he plans to give former owners Patricia Kluge and Bill Moses roles in the operation.

"It will continue as a vineyard," says Eric Trump in a May 16 telephone interview. "How we'll put a label on it, we're still wrapping our arms around that."

What team Trump has wrapped its arms around is the couple vanquished by their own ambitions.

"Patricia's an amazing woman; Bill I very much admire," says Eric Trump. "Yes, they are coming aboard."

Owning the Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard means Donald Trump, via Trump Virginia Acquisitions LLC, now has a toehold in the state that sent eight men to the White House.

On April 7, Trump agreed to buy two Kluge parcels at auction for $6.21 million: a 129-acre tract with vineyards and the winery and a 647-acre tract with vineyards, pavilion, office, and carriage museum. Earlier, for $374,600, Trump had secured a 217-acre parcel from a trust for Kluge's son, a parcel that's essentially the front yard (and former golf course) to Kluge's former mansion, Albemarle House. That brings Trump's Charlottesville-area holdings to 993 acres.

"My father has had his eye on it for a long time," says Eric Trump. "My father has always believed in buying great properties."

Eric Trump says his father is still eying Albemarle House, which Bank of America foreclosed upon and put back on the market for $16 million. Previously, a Trump rep said the price is too high.

"We'll see what happens," says Eric Trump. "Our play always was for the land, the vineyards, the carriage house, gazebo–- it's an incredible value."

The younger Trump, who says he's been spending considerable time in Charlottesville over the past few weeks, extols Kluge's winemaking abilities, especially her sparkling wine and New World Red.

"It's one of the best vineyards in the world," he raves. "I think [Kluge and Moses] did amazing wonders for the Virginia wine industry."

Asked about a recent report in the New York Times showing that Trump often affixes his name– and not his money– to projects, his son says Trump's investing his own capital in Albemarle and keeping the site "impeccably" maintained. So while Donald Trump won't be running the country, he does get something he wanted.

"He loves holding incredible pieces of land," says Eric Trump. "At the end of the day, he's a real estate developer."

Correction 5/20 on the number of presidents from Virginia.


I see Eric has got the use of superlatives down just like his Dad.

This particular venture certainly does make one wonder a bit about Trump's business acumen and if he actually does any due diligence. The property was a steal but having Patricia Kluge and Bill Moses run the vineyard and winery is most bizarre.

So he gets a winery and 933 acres of land for less than 8 million and the state gets 1200 acres at Bisquit run for 25 million (when they would have gotten 400 acres in proffers free)

Tim Kaine needs to be held accountble for the crime he committed against the taxpayers of albemarle. (325k a year in lost revenue per year)

Having Kluge in this-isn't that like the fox guarding the henhouse?

Please check your Virginia history facts - Virginia has been the birthplace of eight presidents - not the six stated in this article. Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Madison, Tyler, Taylor, Harrison and Wilson.

The next Hook headline concerning Kluge and Mose: "You're Fired".

I wonder how long it will be, before we see Melania or Ivanka on the label instead of Patricia? and I wonder what salary you offer a former ceo and owner who over borrowed,over spent and owes millions....or is this all just written off, with a pat on the back (excuse the pun), and a wave? I'll give it 6 months to the first tantrum and 1 year to "you're fired".

Mr Trump watch out Pats about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lock up your money

Really! Mr Trump, employee failure. BAD JOICE.

Tiffanyreally? Just Trumps way of doing business. Check out what he did to his fathers millions and how he bankrupts everything to walk away from his obligations.

The Taj? bankrupt........

217 prime real estate acres for $375 000 or $1700/acre??? Trump and Kluge also "share" the same attorney. Now, they are working for "him" ....hmmmm Maybe someone just stiffed the idiots from Bank of A for all the loaned money and purchased it back via another legal partnership? Brilliant! Kluge/Tramp-winners! Bank of A-LOOSERS! I can't wait to see how much they are going to loose on the mansion. Trump controls the front so nobody is going to pay any serious money for it. Again, whoever handled the Bank of A side should get his *ss fired but probably will get a year end bonus! The shereholders will have to eat the loss in the end.