Hook wises him up

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy The Hook.

I was introduced to your publication in early March of 2002, when I came to Charlottesville from Wise (that small little town at the western end of Virginia with a UVA property on it), for surgery at UVA Health System.

The article that caught my attention was your feature on my cousin Mark Linkous and Sparklehorse. (http://readthehook.com/98622/mark-linkous-sparkles)  [Cover, February 27, "He sparkles"]. Imagine walking through downtown and seeing a relative on the cover of a newspaper. Kind of gives you the willies– sort of like when you see a relative on the post office wall.

Anyhow, I'm glad I can get The Hook on the 'Net. At least I am slightly more civilized now, thanks to reading The Hook. Keep up the great work!

Rod Mullins


FYI, our online version of that story on your cousin is one of the most-visited stories in our archive. It gets dozens of "pageviews" each day. –ed.