Just say no to vaccines

Thanks so much for your informative April 7 cover story, "Generation Hg? Is Autism puzzle solved?"

When my wife was pregnant with our first child in early 2003, I started researching infant vaccinations and the controversy regarding them. What I found through books, articles, and the Internet astounded me.

Besides mercury, vaccinations are loaded with toxins, chemicals, and animal/bacterial DNA & RNA, all mixed into a pharmaceutical slurry injected into infants, some of whom are barely minutes out of the womb.

This foreign invader, meant by science to protect, designed to build a "resistance," subjects a dramatically immature immune system to who knows what effect... and I believe this autism epidemic will be shown to be that effect.

When she was born, my daughter had a moderate case of jaundice. It took over three days for her systems to kick in and remove the bile. Now a healthy, alert, and responsive 17-month-old, she has never had a vaccination, nor will she.

Yet newborn babies all across this country every day are subjected to toxins designed to immunize them against Hepatitis B, an illness that possibly would affect less than two percent of all newborns, for which Hep-B is easily tested in the mother. Why subject all for only two percent? It is criminal, in my opinion.

As the unnamed doctor implied, 20 years from now we will look back on "Generation Hg," or "Generation A" and compare it to drilling holes in the head or bloodletting.

Unfortunately, those responsible, such as pharmaceutical companies and the AMA, will shrug their shoulders and say, "Sorry," while never seeing a criminal or civil claim arise against them– as politicians, influenced by lobbyists, will write laws protecting them.

God help the third-world children who are getting the remaining thimerosal-based vaccines.

Robert A. Glantz Jr.