Apply waste carefully

Corbin Snow has got a decent handle on lawn maintenance. All in all his recommendations are sound. [Gimme Shelter June 21: "Human waste: How the grass gets greener"]

However, I can't get over his thoughts on spring fertilization. He says, "Don't do it! The high level of nitrogen leads to disease."

It's not like you have no choice on how much nitrogen you apply. He follows up with, "If you fertilize in the spring, the sun will react with the nitrogen and burn your lawn."

Last I checked, the sun shines in the fall as well. Is he saying there is no reaction with the sun in the fall? Why is that?

I don't think there is a reaction between the fertilizer and the sun. I think what's causing the burn is osmotic effects, the fertilizer drawing water from the plant, causing injury. "This Week's Expert" is missing the fact that it's the dose that makes the poison. Fertilizer needs to be applied in a controlled and conscious fashion.

Kevin Fortune<BR>Charlottesville