Open sky: Pavilion workers scramble

Never mind the 90-degree weather– construction workers at the Charlottesville Pavilion are more concerned about deadlines than dehydration. Last month, Pavilion general manager Kirby Hutto promised a completed musical venue by July 25.

Not a moment too soon. The first show– Karl Denson's Tiny Universe–- is scheduled for July 27, and Loretta Lynn performs three days later, which means that the slightest setback– such as the torrential downpour on Tuesday, July 5 (just as our photographer arrived for a second visit)– could be disastrous.

So far, workers have been successful in raising the arch to support the tent, but will Mother Nature cooperate as they try to finish the rest?

Reggie Washington stops traffic

Construction workers Fernando Iniesta and Raymond Brock

Ukrainian workers Bela Csikos, Norbert Cscotay, and Ferenc Kovacs

The pavilion tent's support arch went up Thursday, June 30.