Reel adventure

Spring has sprung! Among the many warm-weather harbingers, daffodils are blooming, birds are chirping, and fish are biting. Spring can be an exciting time filled with many outdoor adventures, but our vows to get outside often disappear under the press of our responsibilities. We dither and dally, and before we know it, summer is here with its humid vengeance.
    Take charge! The time is ripe to carve out some free time and become one with nature. Fly-fishing might not seem like everyone’s cup of tea, considering that fishing is one of the more maligned “sports” of our culture. Even some die-hard fishermen question whether standing by a stream for long, lonely hours holding a stick registers as quality time. But fly-fishing involves a bit more action than just holding a stick. It takes real skill to creep around in fresh water lakes and streams clad in chest high rubber waders, trying to trick a fish into thinking that the brightly colored fly at the end of your line is real.
    Wintergreen and Billy Kingsley have teamed up to give you an immersion course in fly-fishing. Kingsley, owner and operator of the Blue Ridge Angler Fly Shop, is a nationally recognized fly-fishing expert. Wintergreen will host two weekend workshops and Saturday classes depending on interest. Day one of the weekend retreat will include an introduction to tackle, casting, fly-tying, equipment selection, and fish behavior. Day two is another full day of instruction casting for large mouth bass and perch. More advanced fly casters will learn distance and a variety of progressive cast techniques, plus secret tips about the region’s best fishing spots.
    Fishing’s allure comes not from tiresome standing around but from the close connection between man (and woman) and nature. Fly-fishing ups the ante a bit by making everything a bit more of a challenge. Each cast must be placed delicately near to a fish, simulating as close to reality a real fly flitting about unaware of the dangers lurking below. And if the way to a man’s heart is through his fly, then the benefits are more than just food on the table.

Weekend retreats take place April 13-14 and September 7-8. The cost of $295 per person includes all equipment, lunch, and beverage, but does not include lodging. Registration must be made before April 5 and August 31. Saturday workshops are $100 per person and last from 9am-12pm.  Wintergreen guests can also enjoy the equestrian center, golf courses, tennis courts, spa, hiking trails, swimming, boating, and biking. For information or to register for fly-fishing call 434-266-2444. For overnight lodging rates call 800-266-2444.