Graduation rapist back in jail

Jeffrey Theodore Kitze, who served 20 years in prison for raping his sister's roommate the day after her graduation from UVA Law School in 1989, has had his parole revoked. According to Virginia Department of Corrections records, Kitze's release date is August 6, 2019.

Kitze was already in jail for probation violation for allegedly terrorizing volunteers with unwanted attention at the Virginia Organizing Project last fall. On January 10, he was convicted of stalking a Food not Bombs activist. Kitze is appealing that conviction, and is scheduled to be back in court December 6.

–original headline: "Parole revoked for rapist/accused stalker"



yeah, that does not appear to be a bad thing.

No one is a winner wherever this person is involved . The stalking case looks iffy but the young girl was certainly in a difficult situation too bad she was not able to deflect him earlier ,however,he would just seek out another .He and C-Ville have not been good for each other .The Russians had a pretty good system to administer undeseriables "The Goulag" .

Has anyone noticed the "vacant" stare on this guy? Lights on, no one home?

Darnit, I think right before this picture he said "ahhh ah ah duh, ah wha did I do"

He didn't really rape her, he just bent her over and cross examined her. It was a bar exam.

Mr Nepharius Jackson: It's not that you really don't have a brain, you just choose to look like it by using it to make a failing attempt to be funny, but you're just crass and boorish instead. Rape is not a joke and I can't believe the Hook let your disgusting comment stand.