A white deer on the prowl
Published on Nov 16th, 2012
9 comments A white deer, appearing to be an albino white-tailed buck, recently ventured in the Western Albemarle yard of Susan Heald, who snapped this image on the morning of November 5. (Hunting season begins...
Saving Bambi
Published on Jun 4th, 2012
19 comments A samaritan who plucked a newborn fawn that had been wandering amid the traffic of Mint Springs Road near Crozet directs a trio of girls to return the errant youth to its mother, a doe who was...
Snap o' the day: Carrion eaters in Crozet
Published on May 26th, 2010
5 comments Nature's way. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE With VDOT budget cutbacks, vultures will have more of a chance to pick clean the deer carcasses littering roads, such as this one on Three Notched in Crozet.