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Mead Money: 'Boots' fans push all profs to sup with students
Published on Sep 20th, 2012
1 comments The former students of Ernest "Boots" Mead are a determined lot. They were so enchanted by their time with music professor emeritus Mead outside the classroom that they created an endowment to fund...
Thanks a million: Students raise seven figures to honor Mead
Published on Oct 6th, 2011
1 comments When Greg McLean, University of Virginia Class of '95, had chemotherapy over the summer he was an undergrad and then insisted he was returning to school, a professor said, "Why don't you live with me...
Charm school: The importance of being Ernest
Published on Dec 4th, 2008
0 comments   Ernest "Boots" MeadPHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO Ernest Mead is the most beloved teacher at UVA ever. If that seems like hyperbole, consider: How many professors have been asked to teach a seminar so...