j. bruce barnes lumber

Barnes Lumber: Mystery buyer revealed-- sorta
Published on Sep 29th, 2012
10 comments At a highly publicized foreclosure auction of J. Bruce Barnes Lumber in the heart of Crozet in June, the winning bid of $1.9 million bid came from an unidentified man who refused to say who he was....
Mystery bidder: Barnes Lumber sells to unidentified buyer
Published on Jun 27th, 2012
14 comments Three bidders put up $50,000 to have a chance to buy J. Bruce Barnes Lumber, an institution in the heart of Crozet that had been touted as a future downtown mall before it skidded to the foreclosure...
Crozet wrinkle: Eyed for re-do, Barnes lumberyard skids
Published on Jun 5th, 2012
9 comments Eighteen months ago, Crozet was abuzz at the news that J. Bruce Barnes Lumber in the heart of the village would be redeveloped into a pedestrian mall. Today the town is stunned that the 19-acre...