John Casteen

Tale of Woe II: Deceased VQR editor's family files $10 million lawsuit
Published on Jul 30th, 2012
49 comments The family of former Virginia Quarterly Review managing editor Kevin Morrissey, who took his own life two years ago following documented tensions at the magazine, including alleged psychological...
On Architecture: 2010 year in review- Lawn and Monticello widen, 'cabin' rises
Published on Dec 22nd, 2010
11 comments Here's the grass. But is it a 'lawn'? FILE PHOTO BY TOM DALY While private sector construction nearly ground to a standstill in 2010, thanks to that bit of trouble American banks have been having,...
Tale of Woe: The death of the VQR's Kevin Morrissey
Published on Aug 18th, 2010
650 comments On John Casteen’s last official day in office as the president of the University of Virginia, a tragic story, one fit for the pages of the award-winning literary journal that he nurtured, began to...
Final act: Casteen dedicates Bavaro Hall
Published on Jul 16th, 2010
21 comments UVA president John Casteen dedicates his final building. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR In perhaps his last public appearance as president of UVA, John Casteen today dedicated Bavaro Hall, the long-awaited $...
Face-off: Casteen to fight Cuccinelli climate inquest
Published on May 27th, 2010
81 comments Casteen vows to fight Cuccinelli's inquest. FILE PHOTOS BY LISA PROVENCE, CUCCINELLI CAMPAIGN Lamenting that the controversial climate inquest launched last month by Virginia Attorney General Ken...
Casteen's final: Good, evil, Love, and 134 buildings
Published on May 24th, 2010
92 comments John Casteen bestowed degrees at his last graduation as president of the University of Virginia. PHOTO BY DAN ADDISON/UVA PUBLIC AFFAIRS After a 20-year tenure, the final exercises May 23 couldn't...
Snap o' the day: Final exercise
Published on May 23rd, 2010
0 comments There's one in every crowd. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE Members of Darden's graduating class of 2010 listen attentively to President John Casteen's May 23 commencement address.
Casteen to be UVA's commencement speaker
Published on Mar 19th, 2010
3 comments John Casteen's two decades in the presidency of UVA have been honored with an invitation to serve as the 2010 Commencement speaker. According to a release, the speakers committee usually forwards a...
UVA Arts Grounds named for Casteens
Published on Mar 4th, 2010
14 comments The couple at a Downtown art opening for Lincoln Perry in 2005. FILE PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR UVA has dubbed its ambitious $200 million Art Grounds development project the Betsy and John Casteen Arts...
Marlboro man? Casteen to join cigarette company board
Published on Feb 23rd, 2010
39 comments Outgoing UVA president John Casteen has been elected to the board of directors of Altria Group, better known under its prior name, Philip Morris Companies Inc. and the maker of such well-known...
UVA braces: Up to 15 percent cuts, says guv
Published on Sep 8th, 2009
5 comments Governor Tim Kaine has confirmed the worst-case scenario for which UVA President John Casteen prepared, as Kaine announced Tuesday, September 8 that state universities should expect their budgets to...
No layoffs, but Casteen warns of crisis cuts
Published on Jul 9th, 2009
12 comments Unlike Harvard, another investment-plagued institution, and one that stunned employees last month by announcing 275 layoffs, UVA President John Casteen announced Thursday, July 9, that despite a...
Being John Casteenovich: The lighter side of the UVA president
Published on Feb 6th, 2003
0 comments John Casteen is not at all keen to do the Hot Seat. Maybe he figures he's in the hot seat enough as UVA president. After all, he's the one charged with maintaining the standards at Virginia's...