Lake Monticello

Spotlight on Lake Monticello
Published on Jun 6th, 2013
2 comments Location: Lake MonticelloSchools: Central Elementary, Fluvanna Middle, Fluvanna County High SchoolPrice range: $136,000-$715,000Pros: Affordability, extensive amenities including beaches and public...
Trashformation: Lake Monticello opts for local MRF
Published on Apr 26th, 2010
10 comments Waste Management just lost 4,200 customers to Van der Linde's MRF. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER The City of Charlottesville’s corporate trash hauler Waste Management was dealt another blow by the...
Lake's "deadbeats" owe $500,000
Published on Apr 18th, 2002
0 comments It was a bit of unfortunate timing. The same week that Roy Mathers got a list of delinquent lot owners who owe a whopping $500,000 to the Lake Monticello Owners' Association, he also received the...