Peter Van der Linde

Recycled remedy: Will Ivy 'transfer' to Van der Linde?
Published on Jun 27th, 2013
12 comments Four years after Albemarle County supervisors stood behind the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority's RICO lawsuit against recycling entrepreneur Peter Van der Linde, claiming he had defrauded tax payers in...
Freed Van der Linde: Govt drops suit against recycler
Published on Jan 20th, 2010
41 comments The board met for over an hour at 7:30am and reconvened at 6pm on Wednesday to hammer out settlement terms. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Amid a succession of public relations nightmares, including the...
Waste Works lawsuit for dumb-dumbs: or a busy citizens guide to the local waste war
Published on Jan 13th, 2010
27 comments “In my opinion, there is compelling evidence to support a lawsuit against Mr. Van der Linde,” said City Councilor David Brown, who serves on the RSWA Board. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER It appeared to...
Snap: Waste Management
Published on Dec 27th, 2009
18 comments Working through the situation, Waste Management employees collect garbage at 8:19am on Wednesday the 23rd of December on Second Street NW.
Waste Authority says: Lawsuit ends when Van der Linde pays
Published on Dec 17th, 2009
104 comments "He certainly was aware that the service contribution existed," Brown said Thursday. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER In its first meeting since its star witness was convicted and jailed for attempted...
Trash talking: RSWA breaks silence on lawsuit
Published on Oct 24th, 2009
17 comments “This case is about right and wrong,” says RSWA director Tom Frederick in a recent memo, accusing recycler Peter Van der Linde of "defrauding" the RSWA out of more than "a million dollars in tipping...
Blow to the flow? RSWA, Boyd distancing from monopoly talk
Published on Oct 10th, 2009
16 comments “It is absolutely false that I supported flow control,” says BoS member Ken Boyd, calling it “more than a stretch” to suggest he ever did. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Two weeks after the Rivanna...
Flow blow: Wasteworks may seek trash monopoly
Published on Sep 28th, 2009
74 comments RSWA lawyer Kurt Krueger defined "flow-control" for Board members at their September 22 meeting. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Rivanna Solid Waste Authority director Tom Frederick has long contended...
Trash talkin': Waste war could decide the future
Published on Aug 17th, 2009
16 comments Peter Van der Linde's Zion Crossroads recycling facility, one of the main reasons the RSWA has experienced a 20 percent drop in revenues. FILE PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO As the Rivanna Solid Waste...
Don Van der Linde? Wasteworks whacks recycler with RICO
Published on Aug 17th, 2009
19 comments "It's a legal terrorist tactic," says Peter Van der Linde of the RSWA's decision to use RICO. FILE PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO Just when we thought it couldn't�  "It's a legal terrorist tactic,"...
Recycle this! Van der Linde steps up tone
Published on May 29th, 2009
13 comments Capturing the market: Peter Van der Linde's recycling facility, which opened last December, is already handling over 250 tons of trash a day. FILE PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO Recycling entrepreneur Peter...