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Escherichia coli
Published on Feb 6th, 2012
0 comments Do dog owners deal with their animals’ solid excreta?
 Pollution control people say that pet waste is a major source of e. coli in the Rivanna River. The City provides bags at the river trail...
Have you ever used the Rivanna Trail?
Published on Jul 4th, 2002
0 comments   "I take my dog there. It's dog-friendly and people-friendly. It's one of the cool things Charlottesville has to offer."–Sajid Vohra   "This is a real bad thing because I've never...
Trail nix: Rivanna neighbor just says no to hikers
Published on Jul 4th, 2002
0 comments   When landscape designer Jon Dreher went walking on the Rivanna Trail with his dog, Chester, on June 20, he expected a leisurely stroll through the woods. What he got instead was a...