Mo' snow: Sidewalks clearer in Jan than 'snowpocalypse'
Published on Jan 29th, 2010
22 comments Three weeks after Snowpocalypse, this sidewalk at the major intersection of Ridge and West Main was impassable in a wheelchair. PHOTO BY KEVIN COX For weeks after December’s massive volume of...
Reluctant police: City won't enforce its sidewalk law
Published on Jan 12th, 2010
33 comments Try navigating this sidewalk in a wheelchair January 7 at the busy intersection of Ridge and Water streets. PHOTO BY KEVIN COX More than three weeks after the snow of the new century,...
Cold at Carmike: Roof leak turns Avatar into water world
Published on Dec 25th, 2009
52 comments Carmike moviegoers got a chilly surprise at a Christmas Day screening of Avatar. PUBLICITY PHOTO Avatar may be known for its cutting edge special effects, but some moviegoers catching James...