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Historians expect deference on TJ's cruelty
Published on Oct 31st, 2012
9 comments To back up her accusation that I have misled my readers, Cinder Stanton refers darkly, and very vaguely, to truncated quotations, twisted chronology, unnamed misinterpretations. What are they? I have...
Wiencek misled readers on Jefferson's record
Published on Oct 24th, 2012
39 comments As the “recently retired” Monticello historian who had “no comment” in Lisa Provence’s cover story [October 18: “Mr. Jefferson’s greed"], I’m moved to speak.  I declined to comment because I had...
Mr. Jefferson's greed: New book challenges image of reluctant slaveholder
Published on Oct 17th, 2012
75 comments Publishers Weekly calls it the number one history title of the fall and one of the best of all genres. Both Smithsonian and American History magazines have made it a recent cover story. However, thus...
Do you think the negatives of Thomas Jefferson get downplayed here?
Published on Oct 15th, 2012
'Not appropriate' Dance crackdown continues at Jefferson Memorial
Published on Jun 7th, 2011
14 comments You can dance if you want to, but you might want to leave your friends behind– unless you plan on spending a night in jail. That's what happened in 2008 when a group of D.C. natives staged a...
'Women Jefferson Loved' author at Monticello
Published on Nov 12th, 2010
2 comments While Sally Hemings, the half-sister of Thomas Jefferson's wife, Martha, is perhaps the best known of the women associated with the third president, there were others, and they were all related....
Snap: Barboursville on a hot and sunny Saturday
Published on Sep 1st, 2010
1 comments Barboursville at 12:17pm on August 28. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER The ruins of Barboursville a neo-Palladian mansion designed by none other than Thomas Jefferson, gleam in the noonday sun last Saturday...
Staunton Augusta Art Center opens "Wine: Maps, Silver, and Glass"
Published on Jul 25th, 2010
0 comments Dutch silver wine beaker (1645). The Staunton Augusta Art Center hosts an opening reception for its new exhibit, "Wine: Maps, Silver, and Glass," featuring maps and objects associated with...
Staunton Augusta Art Center: "Wine: Maps, Silver, and Glass"
Published on Jul 25th, 2010
0 comments Dutch silver wine beaker (1645). The Staunton Augusta Art Center, in collaboration with the Historic Staunton Foundation and the Augusta Historical Society, presents "Wine: Maps, Silver, and Glass...
Jouett's poet: Kranish brings British invasion to life
Published on Jul 2nd, 2010
1 comments Kranish spent five weeks researching his book in Charlottesville. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Everyone knows what Thomas Jefferson did to make July 4 famous, but it's what he did–- and didn't do...
Jefferson on beer
Published on Jun 15th, 2010
1 comments The restored beer cellar at Monticello. PHOTO FROM MONTICELLO WSEBSITE Did Thomas Jefferson have a special recipe for beer? If so, maybe someone could use it and make a fortune. But as Monticello’s...
KO'd in Texas: Why new textbooks may shun Jefferson
Published on Mar 19th, 2010
16 comments Will Texas push Jefferson back to Monticello? FILE PHOTOS BY HAWES SPENCER Because one influential education board is swayed by Christian fundamentalists, all American students may soon receive a...
Building on Jefferson: UVA moves forward with the past
Published on Nov 22nd, 2009
1 comments "At first, I hated Cabell Hall," said UVA architectual history professor Richard Guy Wilson, "But the purpose of the big building, I finally realized, was to keep students on the Lawn." PHOTO BY DAVE...
NYT eyes TJ and his Monticello
Published on Jun 26th, 2009
1 comments An odd picture essay in the New York Times explores the flawed genius of the Sage of Monticello.
Perriello to keynote Monticello July 4 naturalization
Published on Jun 17th, 2009
8 comments The Thomas Jefferson Foundation announced yesterday that Congressman Tom Perriello (D-Ivy) will serve as the keynote speaker for this year's annual July 4 naturalization ceremony for new U.S....
Vintage tale: 'Billionaire Vinegar' author visits Monticello
Published on Jun 11th, 2009
1 comments The Billionaire's Vinegar: The Mystery of the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine tells the story of the controversy surrounding a bottle of wine  thought to be owned by Thomas Jefferson....