Black and White

First and last days at the Hook
Published on Sep 26th, 2013
Farewell, Hook
Published on Sep 12th, 2013
153 comments My photo home prepares to turn out the lights. ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Prohibited signs
Published on Aug 22nd, 2013
0 comments One of my early jobs was stapling placards for “International Productions” in Richmond. There is wisdom in hiring juveniles to do the illegal work. ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo...
Last picture show
Published on Aug 15th, 2013
2 comments Sunday, Aug. 4, 2100 hrs. Moviegoers approach Vinegar Hill Theatre, one last time. A very different experience than the multi-screen, acres of asphalt Movieplex. Commentator Bill Emory puts up a...
Route 29
Published on Jul 25th, 2013
2 comments Somewhere in southwest Virginia ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Published on Jul 18th, 2013
5 comments John sketching his brother Edward. ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Published on Jul 11th, 2013
1 comments The true frogs have moist, smooth skin with or without a ridge (dorsolateral fold) extending from the ear drum (tympanum) along the side of the back to the hip or groin area.–Frog and Toad I.D....
Franklin Street
Published on Jul 4th, 2013
0 comments June 22, 2010 the Charlottesville Planning Commission added Franklin Street to the City’s sidewalk priority list. Franklin is one of 12 north/south pedestrian paths across the railroad. These...
Hot doggin' it
Published on Jun 27th, 2013
1 comments Have hot dog suit, will travel. Katelyn Hicks stands by as a 1970 Nova gets a tune-up. ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
After the count
Published on Jun 20th, 2013
0 comments Three days after the election, city council candidate Wes Bellamy— who tied with Bob Fenwick and eventually lost by a handful of votes— converses with media following the count. ~Commentator Bill...
Broken bridge
Published on Jun 13th, 2013
3 comments The eastern sidewalk of the Belmont Bridge may be closed, but crowds still stream across the western side. ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Concrete plans
Published on May 30th, 2013
1 comments A developer from Richmond has applied for a special use permit to locate 102 apartments on the eastern and western edges of the former H.T. Ferron ready mix plant on Carlton Avenue. ~Commentator...
Cardiac t-shirt
Published on May 23rd, 2013
0 comments T-shirt worn on the Downtown Mall, made in Asheville, NC ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Big crane
Published on May 16th, 2013
0 comments Pre-cast stair/elevator shaft on the left is lifted by crane on May 6 at the City Walk site.~~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Published on May 9th, 2013
0 comments Buttercups. Pretty but poisonous. Ingestion causes burning of the mouth, abdominal pain, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. Skin redness, burning sensation, and blisters following contact with cell sap...
Arbor Day
Published on May 2nd, 2013
1 comments On April 26, Charlottesville Parks and Recreation planted a large diameter Platanus occidentalis in Quarry Park, Girl Scouts planted five saplings, and Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards unveiled a...
Spring formal
Published on Apr 25th, 2013
0 comments Whatever that is... ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Published on Apr 25th, 2013
0 comments A perfect day for a parade, cool temperatures, California quality light. ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Stone by Stone
Published on Apr 18th, 2013
0 comments Rashard and Myrle of Masonry Structures repair a 90-year-old wall on the west side of Franklin Street in Woolen Mills. Over the years, the wall has sustained damage from motorized vehicles. ~...
Special election
Published on Apr 11th, 2013
0 comments Democrat Jason Vandever won a special election for Charlottesville treasurer in a landslide Tuesday, defeating independent John Pfaltz 1,280 votes to 397. A total of 1,683 voters hit the polls,...
All eyes
Published on Apr 4th, 2013
4 comments Former neighbor Paul Whitehead, often up to something creative. Moved to San Francisco. ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Slim purchase
Published on Mar 28th, 2013
4 comments They say that companies that contract with our City are bound by tree protection guidelines. We will watch a few trees. See how that goes… ~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every...
Published on Mar 21st, 2013
0 comments Neighborhood dog by the name of Luce. Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Snow patrol
Published on Mar 14th, 2013
1 comments Charlottesville Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator Amanda Poncy out for a morning walk with Buddy, five-year-old tricolor hound on Wednesday, March 6. Coincidentally, Poncy is walking on the 1976...
Cut through
Published on Mar 7th, 2013
4 comments City neighborhood streets are used as an interchange by regional motorists. Getting from point A to point B in the County? Drive local streets through the neighborhoods (in this case Woolen Mills...
C.A.T. Nap
Published on Feb 28th, 2013
1 comments Bus-stop-bench-turned-bed on Saturday, February 23.
Valentine's Day
Published on Feb 21st, 2013
Published on Feb 15th, 2013
9 comments Wetlands are under construction on the north bank of Moore's Creek, upstream from its intersection with the Rivanna. They'll replace the wetlands projected to be lost to the enlarged Ragged Mountain...
In the zone
Published on Feb 7th, 2013
3 comments Theoretically, the primary purpose of zoning is to segregate uses that are thought to be incompatible. In practice, zoning is used to prevent new development from interfering with existing...
Flash of color on a snowy morning
Published on Jan 31st, 2013
4 comments Schools were closed and bricks were slick on Thursday morning, January 24, as a jogger travels the nearly empty Downtown Mall.