June 13th, 2002 issue #0119

June 13th, 2002

4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best—er– worst sex scandal of the week: Speaker of the House of Delegates and nearby Amherst resident Vance Wilkins allegedly pays $100,000 to the female victim of ...

The Dish

  • Runneth over dept.

    Virginia winemakers have the Governor’s Cup competition, but until last week, Virginia beer brewers were left thirsting for a contest of their own. No longer. Thanks to S...


Real Estate - On the Block

  • Tall order

    ASKING: $299,000SIZE: 1,800 square feetYEAR BUILT: 1993ADDRESS: 1749 Rock Quarry RoadNEIGHBORHOOD: Zion CrossroadsCURB APPEAL: 6 out of a possible 10LISTED BY: Deborah Murd...

Movie Reviews

  • Doo it

    Here's a no-brainer: Scooby-Doo, why are you've got your GenXers with happy memories of the 1969-72 TV series and its spinoffs, and some of them have children of their ...

Music Reviews


Strange But True

  • Playing a gag

    Q: I’ve heard that for some of his stunts, Harry Houdini first had to master control of his "gag reflex." What was the point of that? –L. LovelaceA: To free himself fro...


  • Unlimited suspicion

    Ron Chandler argues that the arrival of such competition as Whole Foods "definitely made a difference" in the fortunes of his health food store ["Peculiar' health food stor...

  • Unlimited thrift marked the spot

    Enjoyed the news item on the demise of Unlimited Vitality. [June 6: "Peculiar' health food store is no more."]Guess there was a limit after all! The owners often made me wo...

Cultural preview

  • Batteaux season

    School’s out, and so begins the scramble for summertime fun. Seasoned parents know most of the options, but every once in a while something pops up on the radar that is s...

  • Book it

    The summer I turned nine, my mother started taking my siblings and I into the city to go to the public library. Books could be checked out for three weeks, so that’s how ...

  • Enough is not Onuf

    If your chosen medium is encaustic, as is the case with Kristin Onuf, you make art by layering hot wax. As Onuf helpfully points out, the word, “encaustic” derives from...

  • Picket line love

    By Elizabeth Kiem

  • Summer stage

    As the summer temperatures heat up, so do the offerings on local stages. In Charlottesville, summer is the time for theater activity. Live Arts brings on their souped-up ve...

  • This Bike is a Pipe Bomb

    By Mark Grabowski

  • Winning moves

    By Mara Rockliff