August 26th, 2004 issue #0334

August 26th, 2004
  • Changing channels: Will locals ditch cable?

    With three new local stations launching, Adelphia cable customers will certainly notice some subtle changes in programming– most notably in news, which by October will be available not just on NBC29, but also on the new CBS and ABC stations. Could this sudden increase in local options cause current Adelphia subscribers to replace their cable bill with rabbit ears? Mike Meadows is going to.

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  • Rabbit ears: Free TV in Charlottesville

    WCAV, WVAW, WVIR, WCVL. With all the call letters being bandied about these days, you won't be blamed for scratching your head and uttering "huh?" Here's the breakdown of which station is which, and where and when you can catch it. CBS19 Call letters: WCAV Watch it: broadcast 19, cable 18 Owned by: Gray Television Launching on: September 1, local news to air mid-October

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  • Riding waves: 3 new stations take on NBC29

    New York is number one. Charlottesville is number 186– pretty far down the television market list, sitting smack in between Lima, Ohio, and Parkersburg, West Virginia. Lima has two television stations; Parkersburg one. Even Harrisonburg– which is six spots higher up the Nielsen chart than Charlottesville– has just one network affiliate. So what's Charlottesville doing with four commercial stations?

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Least friendly incident at Friendship Court: Police shoot and critically wound Kerry Von Reese Cook August 21 while responding to a domestic complaint. At press time, Cook,...

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Question of the Week

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 6/21  Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, trustees of Advance Mills Farm Land Trust, to Frank S. DiGiacomo, 5.5 acres at Advance Mills Farm, Ruckersville, ...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    August 27, at noon, at the Greene County Courthouse Property: 16 Lilac Road, Twin Lakes, Ruckersville Debtor: John M. and Chrystal P. Richardson Amount owing: $136,766 Bid...

Music Reviews

  • Ginger ale: Almost as fizz-ful as Brie

    Terminal Ready at Outback Lodge and Mike Brieat R2Saturday, August 21 Alcohol has never been my drug of choice. This has always put me at a disadvantage with the ladies o...

  • What's in a name? Oldsters get into the dream

    Dreamcar at Miller's August 21 Five reasons prompted me to see the band Dreamcar at Miller's last Saturday night, and they were, in order of increasing importance: * If I ...


The Brazen Careerist

  • Olympic lesson: Flexible goals mimic reality

    Watching the Olympics is inspirational if you need a kick in the pants to set high goals for yourself, but the trick is not to make goals so lofty that you make yourself si...

Sports Doctor


    Most camp drama: The Daily Progress reports on August 17 that the UVA football team is already showing great chemistry during practice sessions. Just as that story is relea...

Strange But True

  • Curvy: It's a catenary, not an arch

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK  Q. The breathtaking 630-foot-high 44,000-ton concrete and steel St. Louis Gateway Arch has a nifty curve. Is it a) a semicircle b)...



  • Magic shop: Bookstore beckoned, Sandy came

    The homely clutter and dim lighting of the Daedalus Book Shop on Fourth Street make the overstuffed store seem like the sort of mystical place from which many of the advent...


  • Annual Manual errata, omitta

    Not everyone found the Annual Manual totally delightful. Indeed, alert readers spotted several omissions. Like Blue Ridge Internetworks (817-0707) from the list of Internet...

  • Annual Manual rocks!

    As a sometime contributor and avid reader of the Hook, I'm strongly compelled to sing the praise of your most recent Annual Manual [August 5, 2004]. Other local rags have a...

  • Clark story could hurt

    One sure effect of the Hook's piece on the implementation of federally mandated School Choice at Charlottesville's George Rogers Clark Elementary is that its titleĀ­ "Stigm...

  • Dinah's cool, not cold

    After reading Mark Grabowski's review of the Dinah Pearson Band [Music review: "Bluesy jazz: Frigid art with heart," July 22, 2004], I couldn't believe we saw the same grou...

  • Excellence, not affluence, the benchmark

    This is in response to your recent article about Clark Elementary ["Stigmatized," July 22]. We are parents of a rising third grader at Clark and two former Clark students. ...

  • Get real Clark story

    We are writing in response to your article "Stigmatized: Clark Elementary's failing grade" [News, July 22, 2004]. Because of the SOL scores of four kids and the draconian...

  • Here at last: Hero channels Crouching Tiger

    Zhang Yimou channels Akira Kurosawa in Hero, which is even more visually stunning than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Like Kurosawa's Ran, it features huge armies with co...

  • Like asphalt? Stay in town

    Regarding the debate between telecom magnate Thomas H. Sullivan and Blenheim Road residents [Cover story, "Highway man– Whose road is it anyway?" August 12, 2004], it...

  • Socialists in our midst

    One of our history professors from UVA has joined 11 like-minded friends to write Where We Stand, Voices of Southern Dissent [Culture section: "Minor key Dixie: New Souther...

  • We choose Clark

    In response to the Lisa Provence article on Clark: First, let me express the perspective of a parent whose child is, by unwavering choice, returning to Clark Elementary Sch...

  • We love Lethal!

    I have followed with interest the complaints made against Lethal Towing [Fearless consumer, "Lethal tale: Jetta owner takes lumps," July 22, 2004] and feel obligated to voi...

  • Who's in charge?

    Ward Foeller wonders if Charlottesville City Schools' strip search policy is "some Republican's idea of less intrusive government" [Letters, "A time to be naked," August 1...

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