December 23rd, 2004 issue #0351

December 23rd, 2004
  • Passion and fear: 2004 review of the year

      A hooded prisoner at Abu Graib. Same-sex couples lined up at San Francisco's City Hall. Howard Dean's immortal "yarrrgggghhh!" These are the indelible images of 2004. It was an emotional year. Passion and fear mobilized millions of normally apathetic Americans and sent them scurrying to the polls in record numbers. Could it be that the lesson learned in 2000– that one vote really can make a difference– made us take our civic duties more seriously?

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Biggest bomb scare: A US Airways Express jet makes an emergency landing at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport December 16 after a man who missed the Knoxville flight in ...

The Dish

Question of the Week

  • Predictions for 2005?

    INTERVIEWS AND PHOTOS BY JEN FARIELLO Cindy Neely: "I'd rather talk about my hopes for 2005. The end of the war, bring our troops home, stability in the Middle East, and ...

Real Estate

  • Round Up

      Quickest Turnaround APPEARED IN THE HOOK: March 25, 2004, in issue 0312 ADDRESS: 1915 East Market Street ASKING PRICE: $342,500 SELLING PRICE: $342,500 DAYS TO CONT...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 11/3  Jerry M. Rainey to Linda J. Sifri, 0.211 acres at 300 Westfield Road, Wynridge subdivision, $197,800. Hobe Sound Management II LLC to Gene and Janet ...

Real Estate - Commercial Construction Permits

  • Commercial construction permits

    ALBEMARLE 12/9  Rio Associates Ltd, Dumbarton Properties Inc., remove two interior walls, add one interior wall for tenant upfit, Classic Kitchens, $500. Old Dominio...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate - Update

  • Finally Off the Block!

    APPEARED IN THE HOOK : May 22, 2003 in issue 0220 ADDRESS: 924 Rugby Road DAYS TO CONTRACT: 510 ASKING: $840,000 SOLD FOR: $706,000 SELLER'S AGENTS: Owner, Douglas Mur...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    January 6, at 1pm, at the Albemarle County Courthouse Property: 2.387 acres at 3171 Fox Mountain Road, Free Union Debtor: unknown Amount owing: $135,451 Bidder brings: $12...

DR. HooK

  • Vitamin V: Rising to the varsity squad

    Vitamin V is Viagra. Viagra has changed the world. I think it has changed the world more than Krispy Kreme Donuts, Bodo's Bagels, green apple martinis, and Tempur Pedic mat...

Movie Reviews

  • To the dogs: The Dave nods through Fern

    Soon you'll be able to have a three dog night with Dave Matthews! Next month (February 18 to be exact) he'll be on theater screens in the girl-and-her-dog flick Because of...

Music Reviews

  • Pure grandeur: Spellbinding sound-scapes

    >>Ostinato: Left Too Far Behind  (Exile On Mainstream Records) F**k Phil Spector. Ostinato's Left Too Far Behind has the real Wall of Sound. The distortion on t...

  • Seasonal mix: Ho-ho-ho'ing around the town

    Jeff Decker Quartet at Miller'sJamal Millner at the OutbackJay Pun at Michael's BistroWednesday, December 15 On December 15 at Miller's the smoke was pretty damn bad. Luck...


The Brazen Careerist

  • Messed up: Tidy workspace earns respect

    Here's a way to kill your career: Have a messy office. These are things that people with messy offices say: My work gets done; I know where everything is; people are too co...

Sports Doctor

  • 2004: the highs and lows

    Toughest Expectations: Redskins fans entered the fall football season with an inspiration worthy of the Skins' glory days. The return of legendary coach Joe Gibbs, who led ...

Strange But True



  • 'Genteel' says it all

    Published December 23, 2004, in issue 0351 of the Hook The sentiments expressed by Daisy Stevens Rojas in "Why American foxhunting survives" [Essay, December 9, 2004] are v...

  • Flouting the rule of law

    I've been following the Razor Wire vs. Rivanna Trail case [Cover story, "Slashed: Presley's razor wire claims collateral damage," December 9, 2004]. In a normal world, when...

  • Fox not into the 'spirit'

    In response to Daisy Rojas' essay on foxhunting in Virginia [Essay, December 9, 2004], I seriously doubt that the pursued fox "gets into the spirit of things." The animal i...

  • Hook needs to let it go

    As a regular reader and regular hiker, walker, runner on the Rivanna Trails, I ask you to stop writing about the razor wire/private property issue [Cover story, "Slashed: P...

  • Injury requires stupidity

    I read with interest your reporting on the razor wire case [Cover story, "Slashed: Presley's razor wire claims collateral damage," December 9, 2004] and the property rights...

  • Leaflets came from CIA

    The recent article, "Leafleting: Looking for a few white separatists" [News, December 9, 2004] alerted me that the CIA conducted a psychological operation in Charlottesvill...

  • Razor case going federal

    No doubt many worried women are secretly snickering at the visualization of the serial rapist having his spheroids severed by the razor wire [Cover story, "Slashed: Presley...

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Real Estate - $old

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