February 10th, 2005 issue #0406

February 10th, 2005
  • Break-up blues: Talking makes the pain worse

    February is the month of Valentine's wishes and red roses by the dozens. All across the country, Hallmark cards clog the postal system, arrows fly from Cupid's bow, and starry-eyed sweethearts of every persuasion express their mutual devotion by eating way too much chocolate.

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  • Dot-com dumped: Website makes it easy

    They say you can't buy love or happiness, but now you can buy your way out of a bad relationship. With online matchmakers flourishing, countless e-friendships are headed nowhere and begging for a merciful conclusion.

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  • Literary therapy: Poems have power to soothe

    Okay, she was the woman of your dreams, the paragon you envisioned rocking the cradle of your son and heir, the glorious creature you imagined by your side through life's good times and bad... the helpmate you cherished to dodder with you into the sunset. Uh-oh. Turns out she's really the faithless hussy who just decamped with the milkman. Who you gonna call?

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  • Love hurts: Breaking up is hard to do

    Patricia and John Kluge  These days Patricia Kluge is happily married to retired IBM exec Bill Moses, but 15 years ago her split from billionaire John Kluge was the talk of the town. Married in 1981, the Kluges seemed an unlikely pair. She, a Baghdad-born one-time belly dancer nearly 35 years her husband's junior, had previously been married to Russell Gay, a publisher of skin magazines.

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  • Love stinks-- yeah, yeah-- love stinks

    Sure, "love" is all around us at Valentine's day: The goo-goo faces couples make at each other over candlelit dinners, the red boxes of chocolates, the plastic roses, those ridiculous white stuffed bears holding satin hearts stitched with inane messages like "You're Cute!" Gag! How 'bout the heartbreak that's inevitably around the corner? We've all lived through that once or twice!

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  • Six local ways... to leave your lover

    To call or not to call. Is email okay? Do you even have to tell them? Locals weigh in on the etiquette of the break-up.   "Just don't call them anymore– dodge 'em. No, seriously, say, 'I don't feel things are happening.'"– Wendell Burton Wendell BurtonPHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO   "Honesty is the best policy."–Matt Boisvert

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  • Star-crossed lovers? Tales from the trenches of treachery

      Oh, the perils of love. From restraining orders to betrayals to acts of violence, these locals have burned in the hellfire of love gone awry. Fortunately, they've lived to tell their tales– and there are even some happy endings.   Kirk Bryant

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best job security: UVA President John Casteen will keep his job through 2011, and CEO Leonard Sandridge will remain top administrator until June 2009, Bob Gibson reports in...

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Question of the Week

  • Whatcha doin' for Valentine's Day?

      Tony LaBua: "While it's kind of special, of course, Valentine's Day is rookie day." Jessie Hagadon: "I don't celebrate Valentine's Day." Mike Blakely: "I'm a sing...

Real Estate - Off the Block

  • SOLD

    APPEARED IN THE HOOK : September 16, 2004 in issue 0337 ADDRESS: 2610 Dick Woods Road DAYS TO CONTRACT: 71 ASKING: $499,900, reduced to $470,000 SOLD FOR: $468,000 LIS...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Not half-baked: Old mill has huge potential

    ADDRESS: 215 Avon Street ASKING: $2,650,000 BUILDING: 15,667 sq. ft. LAND: 0.43 acres YEAR BUILT: 1885 NEIGHBORHOOD: Belmont Bridge CURB APPEAL: 9 out of 10 LISTED BY: Stua...

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  • Bichon freeze: One sick puppy

    Stasha Amra got an early Valentine's Day present from her boyfriend: a bichon frise puppy. But instead of coming home with her, the purebred pup spent his first few days in...

  • Chinn up: SNL president touts Apple deal

    The Charlottesville-based company whose typical news anesthetizes all but the most fervent bank industry analysts has just announced a strategic alliance with one of the wo...

  • Fili-Bustered: Stations skip two-mommy show

    After PBS pulled an episode of the new cartoon Postcards from Buster, citing the show's inclusion of lesbian parents, several PBS affiliates in liberal cities bucked the tr...

  • Mourned: 4th year snowboarder dies

    Brian Love seemed the quintessential California guy: He surfed, he hiked, he snowboarded. And he wore sandals year round, even in the snow. "Free extreme": That was the scr...

  • Orchard fall-out: Fears of arsenic and old lead surface

    Crozet once led the state in the production of Albemarle pippins and winesap apples, and in the 1930s, it was known as the "peach capital" of Virginia. However, decades of ...

  • Richmond shut-out: Budgets shred local rail plan

    On the eve of the biggest recent boost for state passenger train service – creation of a multi-million-dollar dedicated fund– Charlottesville's hopes for new tr...

The Brazen Careerist

  • My deal: Trumpet success everywhere

    I got a book deal. So this is, undoubtedly, the first of at least a hundred columns that will plug the book, even though it's not coming out until spring 2006. Far away, y...

Strange But True

  • Number nuts: 'Arithmomaniacs' live to count

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK BY BILL SONES AND RICH SONES, PH.D. Q. People who can't stop checking to see if doors are locked, or wash their hands repeatedly, or won...


  • Larry's largesse: Should we call him $abato?

    It seems that even a talking head can have a heart. Superstar UVA politics professor and ubiquitous media "expert consultant," Larry Sabato delivered news of his own in the...



  • Add TV listings to <I>Hook

    I was interested in the January 27 article on the Daily Progress TV listings ["Unlisted: New TV stations off the grid"], particularly the curt response from the publisher, ...

  • Don't forget Sal's

    When my husband and I moved to the area 10 years ago, we took everyone's advice and tried Duner's, then Crozet Pizza– both wonderful restaurants. We quickly moved on,...

  • Thanks for psychic scrutiny

    I read your article on alleged psychic Noreen Renier [February 3: "Medium rare: Psychic offers help in rapist hunt"]. I really appreciate your taking the effort to check ou...

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Real Estate - Off the Block

Real Estate - On the Block