August 18th, 2005 issue #0433

August 18th, 2005
  • Boy wonder: Smith for prez?

    What's next for child prodigy Greg Smith? After graduating from college at 13, he arrived at UVA in 2003 to begin the first of four planned PhDs.

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  • Just say no-no: Little known school gaffes

    Who can forget Jonathan Prevette, the North Carolina kindergartener who was suspended from school for kissing a classmate on the cheek? (That was sexual harassment, of course.)

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  • Must-haves: Pinch-pennies need not apply

    Back-to-school shopping is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of pencil boxes and three-ring binders; now it's digital pens and palm pilot organizers. As the school year approaches, gadgets targeted to students of all ages are must-have items. Here's a list of what to expect in the back-to-school bins.   Treo 650  

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  • We are family: Fostering fills a need

    For many people, the words "foster care" conjure uncomfortable images of children taken from their parents– for whatever reasons– and bounced from home to home for years, never finding stability, and sometimes finding abuse worse than they endured at home. But local social service workers say that's an outdated– and unfair– stereotype.

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  • Working woe: Sick kids, few options

    Working parents may recognize the scenario: it's the morning of an important meeting, and you're racing to get everyone out the door on time, when suddenly little Johnny comes into the kitchen looking green. "Mooooom," he moans, "I don't feel we...." Suddenly you're trying to keep your head above a giant lagoon of complications. The only thing bigger than this quagmire is the one you'll be in when you don't show up for work. What to do?

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Biggest jump at the pump: Local gas prices spike an average of four cents overnight to $2.45 for a gallon of regular, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic August 16. A month ago C...

The Dish

  • Uncorked: Gals mob VAVino opening

    VaVino, the state's first full-scale winebar and retail shop dedicated entirely to the tasteful enjoyment of Virginia vintages, opened its Downtown Mall doors on Monday, Au...


  • Irish sting: Learn lessons from I.R.A.

    More than 30 years after firing its first shots, the Provisional wing of the Irish Republican Army has ordered its members to dump their arms.   When will Osama bin La...

Question of the Week

  • What's the best thing about your family?

    Julie Carr: "Their zest for adventure!" Marissa Plank: "How different we are– and how close we all are." Sherry Smith: "The fun times and the laughs. Our family is...

Real Estate - On the Block


    APPEARED IN THE HOOK : May 26, 2005 in issue 0421 ADDRESS: 824 Locust Avenue ASKING PRICE: $950,000 LISTED BY: Owners: Oliver and Kim Kuttner, 293-8546

  • Snuggery: Joining the current condo craze

    ADDRESS: 382 South Pantops Drive NEIGHBORHOOD: Pantops ASKING: $184,000 COUNTY ASSESSMENT: $145,500 YEAR BUILT: 1985 SIZE: 1,251 fin. sq. ft. LAND: 0.0 acres CURB APPEAL: 8...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    August 18 at 5pm at the Albemarle County Courthouse Property: 100 Surrey Road, Canterbury Hills Debtor: Jeffrey D. and Elizabeth B. Ameling Amount owing: $256,500 Bidder br...

DR. HooK

  • Ante up: Co-payments not so bad

    John Lennon's song, "Imagine," is one of the best songs ever, and I'm willing to arm-wrestle over that one– wait, Lennon wouldn't want that– I'll out-sing anyon...

Movie Reviews

  • Plane scary: Red Eye, white knuckles

    Wes Craven has made some crappy pictures, but he hasn't completely lost his touch. Red Eye is a simple but effective thriller, a B movie elevated to B+ by the performances ...

Music Reviews

  • Crop circles: Glimpsing recent local CDs

    Robin Wynn, Broken Sky Fair Weather Bums, FWB  Sun-Dried Opossum, Back Up  For an artist, having a CD is a sign of a certain level of confidence. It says to...


  • Bus stopped: Greyhound ends nearby service

    For many years, central Virginia residents watched a ticket to the rest of America roll into their town in the form of a daily Greyhound bus. But on August 16, the familiar...

  • Mysterious: Learning with Supergranny

    What do three-time Emmy-nominee Jennifer Garner and 64-year-old grandmother Bev Van Hook of Charlottesville have in common?   Well, other than a penchant for hiking, b...

  • Tuned in: Podcasting has town by the ears

    Your iPod has probably already changed the way you listen to music, but it may also soon change the way you listen to just about everything else, thanks to a growing practi...

  • Vendorville: City mulls upping Mall rents

    For rent: Ten square feet in a prime Downtown Mall location– $1,200/year. Roof not included.   Vendors around Central Place could see their rents triple if City ...

On Architecture

The Brazen Careerist

  • Choice words: When to put a lid on it

    Preparation for an interview should include preparing to be silent. An interview is a sales call, not a chat session. So you shouldn't answer every question you get. Someti...


  • Ka-blam: Storyboarding the comix

    "I'm one of the few people who knows that Tom Cruise is secretly gay!" Colin Whitlow laughs, making a joke about the issues on his mind when he decided to write, produce, s...


  • The fixer: Leitao to Cavs: UConn

    Obviously UVA's new basketball coach will feel the pressure to pull the Cavaliers, the bottom-feeders of the ACC, back into the winner's circle.   But Dave Leitao̵...


  • I saw a Parkway cougar

    After reading the article [July 28: "Im-paws-ible? Vet sees 'cougar' on Parkway"], I offer my own account.   I lived in a remote cottage above milepost Two on the Blue...

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