September 8th, 2005 issue #0436

September 8th, 2005
  • A little help from some friends

     BY JEN FARIELLO [email protected] Anne and Bill Holland

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  • Home front: Charlottesville steps up to help Katrina victims

    The United States has never seen a disaster like Hurricane Katrina. And Charlottesville has never seen a relief effort like the one that started almost immediately following the August 29 maelstrom. People wanted to do something– anything– to help fellow citizens in distress. Grassroots efforts sprouted like mushrooms in a soggy pasture. From rich-as-Croesus rock stars and best-selling authors to kids baking cookies or collecting pennies, here's how Charlottesville is pitching in.  

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst U.S. natural disaster– ever: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, thousands are left homeless, seeking basics such as water and food. The nation's beloved New...

The Dish


Question of the Week

  • Know anyone in Katrina's wake?

    Sinclair: "I had friends down there. I met them eight years ago when I went to Mardi Gras. This reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah, all that stuff that was going on down ther...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 6/8  Durwood A. and Dixie L. Mowbray to Central Virginia Capital LLC, 4.8 acres at 1369 Lanetown Road, Crozet, $187,500. Medallion Enterprises LLC to W. Wa...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Mixed message: Greenbrier rancher raises questions

    ADDRESS: 1302 Lester Drive NEIGHBORHOOD: Greenbrier ASKING: $455,000 CITY ASSESSMENT: $374,600 YEAR BUILT: 1960 SIZE: 3,860 fin. sq. ft., 1,186 unfin. LAND: 0.284 acres CUR...


    APPEARED IN THE HOOK : June 30, 2005 in issue 0426 ADDRESS: 2521 Brunswick Road, Fry's Spring ASKING PRICE: $384,900 SELLER'S AGENT: Gail Mustoe, Real Estate III, 817-...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    September 13 at 3pm at the Charlottesville Courthouse Property: 1118 Page Street Debtor: Milton R. Mason Amount owing: unknown Bidder brings: $6,500 Info: Joseph V. Buonas...

DR. HooK

Movie Reviews

  • No rosy ending: Whatever possessed her?

    The financial success of The Passion of the Christ has made some Hollywood studios see the light. They're getting religion, even if they don't exactly "get" religion. That ...

Music Reviews


On Architecture

The Brazen Careerist

  • Biz classes?: Read a novel, join the gym

    The September ritual of selecting classes usually takes place in a fog of bad criteria: uninformed friends, overly invested parents, and the never-ending quest for no early...


  • Early word: Locals bring water and hope

    Television news features non-stop coverage of Gulf Coast devastation: homeless refugees, hit-and-miss rescue efforts, and bumbling politicians. It's disheartening to watch....

  • Nola contender: Musician flees flood for roots

    Alexandra Scott still had the sheets of plywood she bought a year ago when fleeing before Hurricane Ivan. Still, after hiring a stranger to board up her house in the Uptown...


  • Keep baby in bed

    I am writing in response to the "Gimme Shelter" article ["Oh, baby: How to keep that infant safe," August 25] regarding baby proofing, which stated that parents should neve...

  • Love the new look!

    As an out-of-towner who visits Charlottesvile once or twice every year, I'm excited to see that the city is making an enduring commitment to culture. Although some of the o...

  • Where are the RR laws?

    Did the 38 people charged with railroad "trespass" climb the eight-foot fence, cut the barbed wire, bag the track security cameras, cold-cock the track security guards, and...

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