September 15th, 2005 issue #0437

September 15th, 2005
  • No Child? Who will be left behind?

    PHOTOS BY JEN FARIELLO [email protected] One sunny day last spring, Belmont resident Veronica Walker stopped outside Clark Elementary to show the crossing guard her new baby. It was a rare visit to the neighborhood school now that her son, Arquis, was no longer enrolled there. Almost a year had passed since she and the parents of 28 other Clark students opted to send their children to different city schools, from Johnson to Greenbrier.

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  • Opting illusion: Fewer Clark students opt out

    As a result of poor test scores, for the second year in a row Clark Elementary School students have been able to leave their neighborhood school and attend another in the city. But new principal James Pierce says contrary to one media report, fewer students left the old brick schoolhouse on Monticello Avenue this year than last.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Harshest critics of contemporary UVA architecture: UVA architecture profs, 26 of whom take out a full-page ad in the Cav Daily September 6 to ask, "Why has the university c...

Editor's Note

The Dish

  • Veg out: Festival, bistro have it all

    Still think tofu is tasteless? Well, it's almost time to learn how flavorful a meat-free diet can be at the 9th Annual Vegetarian Festival, scheduled for Saturday, Septembe...

Question of the Week

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 6/14  Kenneth P. and Kathy F. Morton to James and Elizabeth Hart, 21 acres at 3492 Rolling Road North, Scottsville, $180,000. Alan D. and Joan Haverson to ...

Real Estate - Commercial Construction Permits

  • Commercial construction permits

    ALBEMARLE 8/1-8/31  Shopping Center Associates c/o Simon DeBartolo Group, remodel existing after hours formal wear store, Fashion Square Mall, $75,000. First Interst...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Cabin fever: Woods, wood define homestead

    ADDRESS: 2854 Secretary's Road NEIGHBORHOOD: Woodridge, Albemarle County ASKING: $849,000 COUNTY ASSESSMENT: $251,100 ($173,500, under "land use" tax break) YEAR BUILT: c....

  • SOLD

    APPEARED IN THE HOOK : January 22, 2004 in issue 0303 ADDRESS: 5029 Halycon Drive, Crozet ASKING PRICE: $749,000 COUNTY ASSESSMENT: $639,600 SELLING PRICE: $665,000 DA...

DR. HooK

  • Mono Lisa: Tell Epstein-Barr to kiss off

    Growing up, I wasn't encouraged to listen to rock-n-roll or pop music. Before my mother became a physician, she sang opera, so I was exposed to classical music, jazz, and s...

Movie Reviews

  • Great guns: War 'lord' the ultimate antihero

    It's not to be confused with any other "Lord of..." movies, but Lord of War runs rings around most of the competition at the multiplex. The movie Lord of War is most likely...

Music Reviews

  • Satellite: Let's hear it for big venues

    For the last few years, Starr Hill Music Hall has had a monopoly on the live show scene in Charlottesville. To their credit, they've brought in a number of stellar acts. No...


The Brazen Careerist

  • For U? Think twice about MBA

    Whether you're thinking of a top-tier MBA or a PhD in anthropology, there's a right way and a wrong way to approach graduate school. You need to understand your dreams and ...


  • Fast track: Hoffman's third time out

    After graduating from high school, some teenagers go to college. Others go into the workforce. Lauren Hoffman went out on tour. "As soon as I graduated from high school, I ...

  • Paige's pages: Cav is <I>Playboy</I>'s Miss October

    As most UVA fourth-years polish resumes and attend job fairs, one UVA co-ed has positioned herself to begin a career she never imagined when she began school three years ag...


  • Cougars all over

    We found the articles on Blue Ridge mountain lion sightings {July 28 news: "Im-paws-ible? Vet sees 'cougar' on Parkway" and several subsequent letters] very interesting. Fo...

  • Scrutinize headlines

    You cover a rape trial in which Matt Hamilton is accused of using a date rape drug to incapacitate a woman before sexually assaulting her [August 25 cover story: "Her day i...

  • Silence is deadly

    I can't believe enlightened, cosmopolitan Charlottes-villains would consider silencing train whistles at grade crossings ["Do not disturb: City wins silence of the trams," ...

  • Two bad supe choices

    It's ironic Christian Schoenewald's favorite bumper sticker is "Don't Loudoun Albemarle County," and yet his candidacy is aimed at doing just that [August 25 HotSeat: "Unkn...


  • Short and sweet at Vinegar Hill

    Fans of short films probably have one or two favorites, old standbys they recommend to friends at the video store. On September 20, they'll have a chance to add some new re...