January 26th, 2006 issue #0504

January 26th, 2006
  • Getting hitched: The Hook's guide to conjugal conundrums, nuptial nostalgia, and that utter rarity: the NAKED bride"

        Few things bring out the best and worstin people like a wedding. Pulling together the detailsfrom flowers to dress to guestscan strain even the most compatible couples, and that's before adding in the requisite meddling mother-in-law. Yikes. But when the big day comes– as the newlyweds on the following pages attestthe hard work pays off. Family is together, love is in the air, and even the most embittered, thrice-divorced guest can appreciate an open bar!

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  • All in a day's work: Wedding pros reminisce

        From beefy bodyguards to rotten vegetables to dying dogs, these wedding pros have seen it all and then some...   Larry Lustberg, Blue Ridge Light Forms  Even the best-laid wedding plans can sometimes go awry, says lighting expert Lustberg, and sometimes wedding professionals must dive in to help– quite literally.

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  • Nuptial gifts: Nude twist on old tradition

        Planning a wedding? You've registered, reserved hotel rooms, and written dreamy vows. Think you've thought of everything? How about the perfect wedding gift for your betrothed? "It's a longstanding tradition," says event planner J.F. Legault. "A lot of times it's an intimate gift," he adds, "something those two will remember the rest of their lives."

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  • Then and now: How'd they meet, how'd they mate?

        Whether married for five years or 50, the couples on the following pages still have the spark that first brought them together.   Jane and Pat Foy October 3, 1998  Love can find you in mundane places. That's the lesson Jane and Pat Foy learned.

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  • We did: Secrets of saying "I do"

        Names: Mark and Sarah Raffinan Date: July 2, 2005 Ceremony: a farm in Free Union Reception: Farmington Country Club Guests: close to 150 Engagement: 15 months Budget: Worth every penny, but a whole lotta $$$! Weather: Wonderful! Clear, low humidity, 90 degrees

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst raising Kaine: The Democrats decide to have Virginia's newbie Governor Tim Kaine rebut President Bush's State of the Union address January 31, and critic Ariana Huffi...

The Dish

  • Dave's farm: Get the 'best' in town

      Judging by his history, Dave Matthews would make an unlikely organic farmer. "Brad and I used to stuff bad pizza and bad beer down our throats and fix ourselves a Pe...


Question of the Week

  • Ever witness a wedding disaster?

      Joia Sellam: "During the ceremony, the priest went into an angry tirade about new-age people and swimming with dolphins." Joy Rayman: "We drove to a wedding up in M...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

      ALBEMARLE 9/15  Tracy M. Plunkett to Marjorie C. Hill, 0.323 acres at 320 Starcrest Road, Mill Creek South, $340,000. Fluvanna Land and Development LLC to Ani...

Real Estate - Commercial Construction Permits

  • Commercial construction permits

      ALBEMARLE  University of Virginia Foundation, interior alterations, electric/sprinkler/HVAC/plume on first and second floor, $350,000. Mo Money LLC, retaining ...

Real Estate - Off the Block

  • Off the Block!

    APPEARED IN THE HOOK: March 10, 2005 in issue 0410 ADDRESS: 1620 Far Hills Road DAYS TO CONTRACT: 230 ASKING PRICE: $850,000 (then $785,000) SELLING PRICE: $765,000 COUNTY ...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Appreciation: Watch the price skyrocket!

      ADDRESS: 702 Meridian Street NEIGHBORHOOD: North Belmont ASKING: $184,500 CITY ASSESSMENT: $116,300 YEAR BUILT: 1925 SIZE: 708 finished square feet LAND: .053 acres...

DR. HooK

  • Pappy days: The test all women need

      When I worked part-time in an Emergency Department in Richmond, there was a young clerk who knew every rap song out there. However, when I sang, "Happy Talk" (even w...

Movie Reviews

  • Sign language: War of 'The New World'

    [NOTE: The film has been recut and shortened by 16 minutes since it was screened for critics in December. This review is of the original version.] Didn't we just see a movi...

Music Reviews

  • Friendly fire: Travis Elliott

      Travis Elliott is preparing to hit the road on a tour that will last a couple of months. He's been hard at work writing new material. Recently he's been playing gigs...


On Architecture

The Brazen Careerist

  • Young 'uns: They need different strokes"

      I realized that managing Genertion Y requires a huge shift in thinking when I was giving career advice to my 23-year-old brother. He's a top recruit at a top investm...

Strange But True

  • Dial 'B' for...: 007's phone can be yours

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK Q. Just how amazing was the Erickson mobile phone used by agent 007 James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies? Could one of these be in our tech...



  • Cruise control: Secrets of a TV news anchor

      On the NBC 29 news, Kristina Cruise appears unflappable. But newscasters aren't born knowing how to look natural in front of the camera, and Cruise has mastered some...


  • City should explain costs

    When City Council reconsiders the Fourth or Fifth Street Mall crossing, could it also please provide details explaining the estimated $800,000-$970,000 (just shy of $1 mill...

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4Better Or Worse


Question of the Week

Real Estate - $old

Real Estate - Commercial Construction Permits

Real Estate - Off the Block

Real Estate - On the Block