October 20th, 2011 issue #1042

October 20th, 2011
  • Balance of power: What's at stake in the 2011 elections

    Three perennials always make the list of top local controversies: the Western 29 Bypass, Meadowcreek Parkway, and the water plan. Whether you love these projects or hate 'em, the deciders on these and many other quality-of-life issues sit on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors and the Charlottesville City Council. And who's elected to fill seats on those key boards on November 8 has the potential to shift the balance of power on these controversial projects.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best sign Louisa may be cursed: A tornado touches down southeast Gordonsville around 3:30pm October 13, ripping the roof off historic Sylvania, a house on the James Madison...

The Dish

  • El Vaquero roping them in

    It appears a new Mexican place in the former Amigo's space in the Woodbrook Shopping Center has some fans. It's rare that Dish gets emails from foodies begging us to mentio...

  • Ragazzi's, Toliver House close

    The local and not-so-local restaurant scene suffered a couple of casualties recently. A fixture in the Shopper's World Shopping Center along Route 29, Ragazzi's Italian Res...

  • Video premiere: "Evening at l’étoile Restaurant"

    Over the years, Dish has written extensively about l’étoile Restaurant on West Main Street and its ambitious owner/chef Mark Gresge, a pioneer in bringing fresh local pr...


Question of the Week

Real Estate - $old

  • Lengthy process

    8/24/11 Theresa Sennewald to Matthew Kahal & Candace Abel, 1108 Pheasant Crossing, $415,000, Albemarle Poplar Glen LLC to Joseph & Carol Flynn, 513 Tulip Tree Court...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    October 20 at 8:30am at the Albemarle Courthouse Property: 4328 Mount Alto Road, Esmont Debtor: Dona G. Hildebrand Original amount owing: $37,000 Bidder brings: $3,000 or 1...

Art Features

DR. HooK

  • Ewwww: Body odor can have serious causes

    Gyms smell like sweat, as they should! But most of us draw the line when people smell like old socks. Some folks don’t change their gym clothes for days— or weeks.I use...

Movie Reviews

  • Retread: 'Footloose' remake out of step

    There's one thing to be said for a remake of a 1984 movie that uses the original screenplay. This 2011 version is so similar – sometimes song for song and line for li...

Music Features


On Architecture

The Brazen Careerist

Sports Doctor

Strange But True

  • Lion's share: It doesn't mean what you think

    Q. When will a lion settle for a lion's share? –J. AdamsonA. Depends on which "lion's share" you're talking about, says Mark Davidson in Right, Wrong, and Risky. The phra...

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  • Table of contents

    COVERBalance of powerRemember when the greenies were in charge of County government? Well, that was one late-night Bypass ago. Now there are two contested seats on the Boar...



  • Parents ignored over 'glitchy' system

    Thanks so much for "Glitchy System: Inside the student software debacle," [the September 15 cover story] by Dave McNair. This is, unfortunately, the sad truth. A group of p...

  • Scalping began under the British

    Your cartoonist who recently made weak humor [Linda Sherman in the September 1 "Culture Vulture" feature] based on the stereotype that "Indians" scalp people is apparently ...

Black and White

  • Water, water, everywhere

    Workers from TriState Utilities reline 8-inch diameter wastewater pipe from an access point at 10th and Market Streets. To prevent infiltration and exfiltration related t...

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4Better Or Worse

Real Estate - $old

Black and White

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Question of the Week

Real Estate Property auctions