November 3rd, 2011 issue #1044

November 3rd, 2011
  • 'Natural Selection': Meanie 'Hangover' actress plays nice

    Rachael Harris can play mean, and in the 2009 smash hit Hangover, she plays really mean as Melissa, the girlfriend of Ed Helms' character, Stu. "My agent was getting calls for me to play the shrew," says Harris. "You can get pigeon-holed." She's already been a bit pigeon-holed into comedy ever since joining the Groundlings, the legendary Los Angeles improv troupe, and over the past decade she's appeared in sitcoms such as Reno 911, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Desperate Housewives.

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  • Best o' the fest: What real filmmakers want to see

    Salivation. That's what happens when you're a cinephile and you pick up the program for the 24th annual Virginia Film Festival and see all those unreleased new movies, and all those classics you've wanted to revisit, and all those films you really won't get to see anywhere else, and the filmmakers and actors who will be in town, and then– Head explosion. How in the world are you going to sift through the more 100 screenings and cram in as many as possible during the few short festival days of November 3-6?

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  • Festival faces: Spacek, Stone, Sabato, and Wasikowska

    Just in case the movies aren't enough, the Virginia Film Festival sprinkles in a few stars.

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  • Grindin’ it out: Kevin Everson keeps on filming

    It’s hard to tell whether Charlottesville’s resident experimental filmmaker Kevin Everson spends more time behind the viewfinder of his 16mm camera or at airports.

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  • Hazardous act: UVA grad had 'JFK' moment

    Sarah Lyman Kravits, UVA class of 1988, was in grad school in Washington when she was picked for a few moments of screen time in Oliver Stone's 1991 film, JFK. "Oliver Stone wanted everyone smoking," remembers Kravits, a nonsmoker. "I was trying to concentrate on not looking like an idiot smoking." The nonsmokers were given clove cigarettes. "They were making me feel ill," says Kravits in a phone call from New Jersey, where she now lives. "I didn't want to put it out because I wasn't very good at lighting cigarettes."

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  • Production values: Jack Fisk finds days of heaven

    Cismont resident Jack Fisk has a charmed career. Few movie production designers have worked on so many critically acclaimed films or as consistently with extraordinary directors, such as Terrence Malick and David Lynch. Like them, Fisk favors art over commerce.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Most secret negotiations: Albemarle officials are meeting behind closed doors to push for a 42-foot Ragged Mountain dam rather than the city-approved 30-foot earthen dam, a...

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Real Estate - $old

  • Cornering the market on Ridge Street

    9/9/11 Daniel Debroeck to Federal National Mortgage Association, 7710 Secretarys Sand Road, $314,934, Albemarle, (foreclosure) NVR Inc. to Taygen Inc., 144 Pioneer Lane, $1...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    November 3 at 11:30am at the Albemarle CourthouseProperty: 2402 Craigs Store Road, AftonDebtor: James R. and Teresa O. ThompsonOriginal amount owing: $100,000Bidder brings:...

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  • High stakes: 'In Time' an intriguing premise

    We are all of us engaged in the trade of buying and selling time. When we stop smoking, we hope we are buying years. When we drink and drive, we are willing to sell a few y...

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The Brazen Careerist

  • Internships: Start your summer search now

    Students who want a job or internship in June need to start looking in the winter. Those who wait until spring to search set themselves up to be bottom feeders in the job m...

Sports Doctor

  • Stats master: Test your World Series smarts

    Last weekend, after a very strong start (I thought they would win in six games), the Texas Rangers suffered an epic collapse and lost the World Series for the second year i...

Strange But True

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  • Fired up: Snow falls on Wintergreen, sticks at Snowshoe

    It may be hard to see in this photograph shot from downtown Charlottesville on Halloween afternoon; but even two days after a rare October snowfall, the slopes of Wintergre...

  • Snap: Goat Busters and their defenders

    A bunch of goats employed by Goat Busters (for meal tickets and not paychecks) practice their eco-friendly land-clearing craft in a Western Albemarle neighborhood on a rece...

  • Table of Contents

    COVERFilm fest!Oliver Stone and Larry Flynt headline this year's event, but if you didn't get tickets to their sold-out events, don't fret– there's plenty to watch, a...

Black and White

  • Encampment

    Occupy Charlottesville folk at the feet of old trooper, R.E. Lee, in late October. This not a bivouac; rather, a convenient place to camp.

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