Foxchase nightmare: Crozet mom allegedly tries to poison husband

On a day when her son was set to head to the first day of first grade, Theresa Lynn Brady wasn't around to see him off. Instead, the 33-year-old Western Albemarle mom was in jail, accused of attempting to murder the boy's father, her husband, a captain with the Albemarle Fire Department.

According to a search warrant affidavit, it was around 2am on August 21 when a prick to his abdomen awakened James A. Brady to the specter of his wife lying beside him with a flashlight. When Brady asked what she was doing, she allegedly said that while checking the firmness of his abdomen, she accidentally scraped it with her fingernail.

Suspicious, Brady recovered two syringes from the floor that appeared to fall from his wife's shorts– and the needle on one of them was bent, according to the affidavit.

The nocturnal incident capped a troubling week for the firefighter. He told police he had been violently ill and vomiting uncontrollably for six days, a time during which he said he lost 15 pounds.

According to her husband's account, Theresa Brady then changed her story by saying that she had been attempting to give him medication to feel better. Apparently, he didn't feel better, because around 3:30am he attempted to call rescue personnel via 911, but his wife kept hanging up the phone, according to the prosecutor.

During an interview with Albemarle police, Theresa Brady admitted attempting to give her husband a dose of insulin. A hormone naturally produced by the body to regulate blood sugar, insulin is the standard treatment for Type 1 diabetes. However, according to the affidavit, Mrs. Brady works in the medical field, a career that would make her aware that a high dose of insulin can be fatal if injected into a non-diabetic. According to online records at the Virginia Department of Health Services website, Theresa Brady has been a registered nurse in good standing since 2004.

James Brady has no medical condition that requires insulin, the affidavit notes. However, he may now be facing health issues.

"He's waiting for test results," says the prosecutor, Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford.

In addition to getting charged with attempted murder, Mrs. Brady also faces a misdemeanor charge of delaying communications, stemming from her alleged efforts to intercept her husband's 911 calls.

At an August 22 bond hearing in Charlottesville Albemarle Domestic and Juvenile Relations Court, which was closed to the media and the public, Mrs. Brady did not seek bond, but she can do so, according to Lunsford, at the next hearing which is set for September 17. The judge also heard a request for a protective order.

If any other details of the alleged crime were revealed in Brady's 1:30pm bond hearing, reporters weren't allowed to hear them. A bailiff blocked anyone who was not "immediate family" from entering the courtroom, claiming limited space in the room used for video-feed hearings.

A call to Judge Edward Berry was not returned by posting time.

According to the search warrant inventory, police removed the syringes, a vial of the "Humulin R" brand of synthetic insulin (just one-third full), an unlabeled medicine bottle, 10 prescription bottles, a partially-filled bottle of Lindeman's wine, and five guns– including three Colt .45s and a Smith & Wesson .357 magnum. A brass candlestick holder also was seized, as were some laptop computers and flash drives.

Neighbors in the luxurious large-lot Foxchase subdivision, just southeast of Crozet, may not be accustomed to awakening to police cars lining the streets. Two neighbors encountering a reporter said the same thing about the Bradys: "They kind of kept to themselves."

Theresa and James Brady bought their lot at the corner of Foxdale Lane and Ellington Bend in 2004, and the four-bedroom, 3,500 square foot house was built in 2005. Albemarle County assesses it at $772,800.

The day after the 911 calls, the grass covering the nearly one-acre lot stands half mowed, and the basketball goal in the driveway is quiet. Four hanging baskets filled with dead plants line the porch, and by the front door a small statue of a golden retriever puppy holding a bone bears the word, "Welcome."

No one answers a reporter's knock; but inside a dog can be heard barking. A neighbor says the couple have two boys, including the one starting first grade.

With additional reporting by Courteney Stuart.


Dats CRAY!

"Two boys, including the one starting first grade." So glad you splayed every single detail about this family and these charges on your website, then. I'm sure that won't have an impact on their family or those boys at all. Tell me, Hook, do you write articles about every alleged crime of violence that happens in this area, or just ask WWNGD? (What Would Nancy Grace Do?) and go from there?

Alleged crime? I guessing murder by insulin would have a greater impact on this family than any expose that the Hook would ever write. She looks depressed, just sayin' Nancy Grace by the way is akin to a tool.

I hope the laptop computers and flash drives are examined by somebody that's qualified to do so this time.

How tragic for the whole prayers are with you...

Another aspiring Donna Sommerville...

@26World, in part I agree BUT truth here is this woman allegedly committed a crime which makes it public to all. If someone really wants to know more they can find out anything and about everything out there, they just have to know what to look for out there.

My quandary here is, how they afforded at home at that value on their salaries. Time will tell and we don't know what was going on here. The only way media will get into this case is if it is pushed up to a higher court.

You never know what somebody's situation is and it is not likely to be relevant here, but how does a fire captain afford a $750,000 house? It will be interesting to see about motive in this one.

And--the Hook is not the culprit here--crime reporting is a legitimate enterprise. She is the one(allegedly) who brought this on the family.

Stop it with the house value. It's only 772K value due to the county raising the assessment on it. (It's down from 931K from 2007). They purchased it new from the builder back in 2004 for only 200K. They should have been able to afford the payments on 200K, but the taxes may have been hurting them now. If you need see the proof, go here:

They more than likely paid 200k for the lot. Then paid contruction costs. I personally don't see how any of that is relevant to this tragedy but whatever.

Local View, the house was built or completed in 2005. Any assessment before that time was for the land only. A lot of people can afford a $200,000 lot. But putting a $500,000 or $600,000 home on it is another tale for another day.

The only way the value of anything figures in here is the fact that a nice home and a large monthly paycheck at the public trough still doesn't guarantee happiness.

Albie Fire/Rescue recently posted an ad for Deputy Chief, salary range $75-$92k. So, as a captain, with time in, this guy might be pulling in $90k tops with overtime (just a hunch; if he is strictly training, not sure how much OT). If he's making more, he is way overpaid...I could pulls Caps out of Philly who would retire and kill to move here at $90k a year--and they'd have way more experience! Add consulting pay for speaking at events/conferences (which he may or may not earn) of, say, $20k...and he is earning around $110k or so. Not sure what the missus does...RN...Tech...MD...whatever. If MD, no questions.

Anyway, I hope that some inheritance money helped pay for these digs, cause I don't have a clue where they had the bucks to afford this!

Now you know...the rest of the story!

R.I.P.: Lloyd Layman (Parkersburg, WV FD)

I don't even know how to express the empathy I feel for the Brady family or the disgust I have for anyone making judgements. I happen to know Theresa personally, and know of the abuse she endured for years in that "affluent community". Before anyone makes judgements, they should really consider both sides of the fence. How many years could you endure being knocked down before standing up for yourself?? God bless her boy,and I hope this works out for TB to be the good mom I know she is to her boy...

There is a difference between "can report" and "chooses to report" is my point. Never said the Hook *couldn't* report on it. I suggested they were taking advantage of the sensationalism attached to the story of it, in the manner of Nancy Grace, as per usual.

The C'Ville von Bulows!

When did firemen start buying $772,000 houses?

My goodness. I would not want some of you on my jury. What does the cost of their house have to do with any of this? If people who serve others do not deserve a home of this cost, who does? Is it possible they saved or invested wisely to attain their home. Perhaps they did some of the labor or subcontracted the house themselves.

Whatever happened, this family is likely broken. Two little kids just lost their world. Its a sad day.

Momsy, I think a lot of people have a serious problem finding out that a fire captain lives in a $800,000 home. They would be equally surprised to research other department heads living in homes as expensive or more expensive. Taxpayers barely able to survive and maintain a $200,000 to $300,000 home feel thay are paying for all these homes of the rich and famous in Albemarle County government. I think it's a legitimate concern. It certainly makes one wonder if Albemarle employees are being paid too much.

Family members often give money to related couples so that they can afford a better house than you might expect they can afford.

I wonder if the family members pay the taxes and insurance on the $800,000 homes too? The taxes and insurance are at least $700 to $800 a month.

Taxes are the main reason I am still in a lowly poor white trash $275,000 home. I refuse to pay the city or county $500 or $600 a month in real estate taxes.

The tv show "snapped" maybe will run this as an episode!!!

Liz, you obviously don't know the family because they have 2 children, not one. And I truly don't care if you are abused by a spouse or not, you don't have the right to allegedly attempt to murder them. There are women's shelters and divorce for those reasons. Obviously you are trying to paint the victim here as the perp? We don't know.

As for the speculation of home price and assessment, it may be one of the many issues this couple was going through. Either way, it will come out and I seriously doubt that if convicted, she will be a mother to her children again. And it allegedly appears like she made that choice, though there are other options.

Gasbag Self Ordained Expert, since we're all telling people what they do and don't know, I'll go ahead and say you have no idea what "lowly poor white trash" is if you think it's found in or around a $275,000 property neighborhood/area. I hate to get personal on a response, but these comments area a joke when they start talking about the price of their house. I have no idea what happened with the couple regarding the charge, no idea how they afford their home, but unless it has something to do with the alleged crime you all need to quit your crying and get off the computer and work so you can afford one. If you don't think that's the ticket, then try to figure out a scheme that will land you where you want to be but beware, you'll get caught if you do just as these people will IF there is something shady behind their ways. A big house and big car don't mean squat, there are all kinds of scenarios that could explain this for an infinite number of people everywhere and just think, five years ago it wasn't all kinds of scenarios to explain it, but pretty much just go and get what you wanted - the key was/is can you hold on to it if you take that route. I wonder if the people living in $65,000 mobil homes or $300 mo. rentals think we are corrupt, selfish, overpaid, and belligerent because we have $275,000 and $300,00 homes? I hope not, I don't want to be seen that way.

Too long of a response, a true waste of my time if there ever was one but I can't stand the fact that the cost of their home was even brought up with this or any other story/response. You all are ridiculous.

@George Mason...Awesome! Well said, sir!