August 30th, 2012 issue #1135

August 30th, 2012

4Better Or Worse

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    Most like a snow day: A week after classes begin, Charlottesville schools lets students out at 12:30pm August 29 in advance of a Presidential visit by Barack Obama at the n...

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Real Estate - $old

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    August 31 at 3:30pm at the Albemarle Courthouse Property: 844 Club Drive, Keswick Debtor: Eleanor and Thomas G. Baldwin Jr. Original amount owing: $1,592,500 Bidder brings:...

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    COVERInsulin shockerA Crozet mother is behind bars accused of attempting to poison her husband with a drug used to treat diabetics. Her alleged method may be unusual, but i...


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  • Bully for the bully essay

    [Re: August 23 essay: "President Sullivan: Still getting bullied by Dragas"]: Every word 1,000% true and a much needed article. I think you should send a copy to the Rector...

  • Dragas right to fear an honor code

    I am in total agreement with the issues presented in [the August 23 essay: "President Sullivan: Still getting bullied by Dragas"]. It is a fitting part of the investigative...

  • Peace makes peace

    If President Sullivan, the injured party, is willing to let it go, why can't Dr. J. Anderson Thomson? [August 23 essay: "President Sullivan: Still getting bullied by D...


Black and White

  • Church ISO new home

    The historic Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is a fine example of a rural church type that is fast disappearing from the county’s landscape; the last chance to preserve t...