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Recently seen at the free speech chalkboard in front of City Hall.
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The problem is that the people who actually run the banking and monetary system don't understand it, either.

That's because it's a game ( with the odds in favor of the wealthy) and the less the government regulates it the better - as far as the players are concerned.

This video of one of the world's richest men will make your hair stand on end.

I'm afraid the future of the country is in the money traders hands, unless the people take back their power and vote to reign the system in.

Of course the people who run the banking and monetary system understand the game, that's how they made enough money to buy up all the mainstream media outlets who tell you that they're "incompetent" and so forth - it's what they want you to think. They also want you to think regulations will solve the problems so that you will support regulations which will be written by the politicians and regulators they own, and will give them the waivers, effectively shutting down competition, and compounding their wealth. As Max Kaiser says, what we need to do is to hang the big time bankers that break the rules, that will get the economy back on track quicker than anything else will.

I watched the video too, most of this type of trading is done by the computer automated high frequency trading algorythm which Max Kaiser invented, it makes stock trading decisions and closes deals in fractions of a second, keeping those who don't have access to it out of the game.

I admit, it is very Al Gory.

I presume the well-done portrait is that of Henry Ford, the author of the quote

Bitcoin is an answer.