Huguely moves: Same day he appeals murder conviction

George Huguely has left the building. On the same day that he filed notice that he would appeal his murder conviction, the state took custody of the 24-year-old inmate.

Since May 3, 2010, he has lived in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, the big salmon-colored building where Interstate 64 passes Avon Street Extended. But his housing changed on Tuesday, September 25.

"He arrived today at Powhatan Reception and Classification Center in Powhatan County," says Department of Corrections spokesperson Larry Traylor in an email. "After he goes through the classification process, he will be assigned to a more permanent facility."

Traylor notes that Huguely's time at Powhatan could last as long as 90 days. The state will then assign him to one of the over 40 prisons which span six levels of severity– not including "Red Onion," the special supermax facility for the most violent killers.

In late February, Huguely was convicted of killing former girlfriend and fellow University of Virginia student Yeardley Love in her 14th Street bedroom. He was sentenced in late August to 23 years in the state prison system.

His move comes just five days after the mother and sister of his victim broke their long silence with an emotional interview on Katie, the nationally televised program by noted broadcast journalist (and UVA alumna) Katie Couric.

In an unrelated action, Huguely's lawyers filed notice that same Tuesday with Charlottesville Circuit Court that they intend to appeal the outcome of the two-week trial.

–last updated 10:59am on Wednesday September 26.


The prosecution and the judge erred up in allowing the testimony of a university physician regarding the safety of Adderall, and in so doing biased the jury. He testified that all student atheletes using Adderall had normal heart rythms as if this somehow relates to Love who had been mixing her Adderall with alcohol (and possibly caffeine as well) that night. Unless all of the students had consumed alcohol (and possibly caffeine as well) before their checkups. Clear cut jury biasing. Declare a mistrial.

@Somebody - your a troll and know nothing. This young woman died as a result of being beaten to death by George.

@Cville Native - Dont waste your breath. Somebody is a Nobody.
@Somebody - Nobody cares what you think. The proof is in the pudding. Georgie's guilty and in the state pen tonight. It is no coincidence his attorney filed on the same day as his transfer. They are trying to give him hope. Hope he really doesnt deserve. Where is Yeardley, Sharon and Lexie's hope?

My cousin, Biggy Ray, says he cant wait.

I wouldn't expect you to care that Adderall was banned in Canada seven years ago after it killed twenty people, has escaped to America to kill many more since then, and is on the loose even as I write thanks to a corporate cover up whose perpetrators wouldn't think twice about denying a man a fair trial to protect their billion dollar industry.

If she'd been smoking crystal meth instead of eating it things might have turned out differently.

Dear somebody or my I use your Christian name...mrs sanson/huguely/Murphy
Your son murdered this girl with his bare hands..adderall had nothing to do with it. Geez......he's lucky he'll be out in 20 years..should have gotten an injection.

The Adderall defense-guess its a case of grasping at any straw.
agree with laxer- time was George would have been "down in some lonesome valley,hanging from a white oak tree."

Perhaps it isn't a defense that would justify a total acquittal but it is a very possible and reasonable extenuating circumstance defense given that it has killed so many before, Love was mixing it with alcohol (what type beverage, and if it contained caffeine, was never even looked into let alone revealed, to my knowledge), add to the elevated heart rate Love must have experienced upon her door being kicked in and attacked and you have what any reasonably informed and unbiased person could call a perfect recipe for a heart attack. Was it I heart attack? I don't know. That's the whole point. It's a murder trial, not an assault trial.

Somebody - read the coroner report re her brain

You are delusional or just trying to get a rise out of people

Hope your daughter or sister never meet a George huguely type or the actual George because of bleeding hearts like you he can have at least 10 girlfriends from 40-80yrs old he can beat up or kill

Hey his father is still wreaking havoc driving drunk nearly killing 2 joggers

George even tried to strangle his lacrosse coaches daughter ...

He is a sociopath and you and his family are delusional given there sentencing testimony ..the sisters everybody makes a mistake was vomit inducing

To the sanson huguely clan a girls death at the bare hands of their son nephew was just a mistake or bump in the road
These people are truly pigs ...

You people sound like a lynch mob. You do realize that, don't you?

Huguely got what he deserved and should have gotten more. Just another tragic tale of wasted youth. A pretty boy that thought he was above God & the law because he was never told 'no' as a child. Spoiled & narcissistic. Well, guess what?? Reality Bites and he's feeling the wrath of his mistakes and will continue to do so. Maybe he will 'finally' learn that you can't control people and you don't 'own' anyone. Yeardly was not a possession such as his fancy sports car or his best Bose system. Come down a few levels Huguely and when you ask for forgiveness you better mean it or you can prepare for soul to burn in "H" my friend....

Oh...and SOMEBODY, whoever you are.... You must have been one of the ignorant jurors that has NO common sense that sit on the Casey Anthony trial. I would tell you to shut up while your ahead, but your not. But, you can shut up for the simple fact your stupid. He confessed. He beat her to a bloody pulp. Huguely will never see the light of day again until his mid 40's. Accept it and move on.

trickortreat, do yourself a favor and learn how to correctly form contractions, especially when attempting to use them to call others stupid. It'll make you appear less stupid than you are.

He will get what he deserves soon. Very soon.

Somebody is a Nobody and George Huguely is a drunken, violent sociopath who is probably playing the 'bend over and pick up the soap game' as we speak at his new home in Powhatan County. KUDOS to the Jurors & Judge Hogshire for nailing his sorry "A" to the wall....


Adderal was not permanently banned in Canada. If Love had had a heart attack the coroner would have found evidence of it. She died of brain trauma, which most certainly was not the result of adderal. Hugely did what he did and is only a victim of the fact that his parents never told him no, and taught him how to handle that sometimes no means no.

He has not been treated fairly, that is too much time..Yes a woman died &it's sad but I don't think he intended it to happen. If he even did it. Who says someone else didn't come in afterwards

hey michelle
don't worry -- maybe he'll fall in love while in prison ..heh heh heh

Michelle & Somebody should never serve on a Jury or all kinds of monsters will continue to walk the streets. I'm sure you guys would feel differently if Yeardly had been your daughter or sister!!! Huguely confessed to what he did, plus he stole her computer and her blood was all over his shirt. Both of you are pathetic..... Please get some common sense!! You making fools of yourselves.

@Michelle & Somebody - You are singing from the Dean of Students hymn sheet!

"he didn't mean it"
"you can't ruin his life because of one mistake"
"we can't be sure it was him"
"we all believe you but being a jerk isn't a crime"
"he couldn't have known he was smashing your brains"
"was he aware enough"
"he's learned from this"
"he'll be suffering all is life having to live with this"

please feel free to add to the list of excuses.......

And we wonder why our society is full of people who do not feel accountable or responsible for their own actions?

Praying that "Somebody" and "Michelle" both do not have children.

@michelle - dont have children

to everyone else - Mrs Love no longer has a daughter and
Lexie no longer a sister. Just an angel on their shoulders.

Old timer, Adderall was banned after killing 20 people, and then unbanned. That speaks more to the power of corporate lobbyists and such than it does to it's safety, it should tell you there are powerful forces in the drug industry trying to keep it on the market. Maybe back in your day coroner's were more honest. But if there was evidence of a heart attack in this situation with this much national attention being focused on the case, I would bet on it being covered up rather than revealed. Failing to do so would lead to a call for a ban on Adderall in this country, it would put Adderall in the position of George Huguely as far as public opinion. These corporations have hit teams. They usually don't have to use them because intimidation (such as having your family members lives threatened) works so well. Don't assume the coroner wasn't threatened, don't assume there wasn't a cover up.

"Don't assume the coroner wasn't threatened"--THAT, my friends, is a reach. Regardless of what any of us may opine, a jury concluded that he is guilty of second degree murder and will spend 20 plus years in prison. He can appeal, more power to him, I don't see much chance of that being overturned, but it is his right. We don't have to speculate anymore as to whether he was committed murder--indeed, by every definition our society has set--he is a murderer and will spend a good portion of his life in prison. Good riddance and here is hoping that he is not a danger or threat when he is released.

When you assume you make an ass of u and me



I have no sympathy for pharmas and am aware of their power. I am also aware that sometimes, the problem isn't actually the drug or the pharma. IN the case of Adderall the deaths were in people who had heart conditions. Love did not have a heart condition. What's more, the coroner said she died of brain trauma. You can whine and cry and try and defend this guy as much as you like, but he was found guilty by a jury of his peers, and received a reasonable sentence in view of the violence of the crime. From the way it sounds the more we know about him, some time in the slammer sober and with time to think will do him a world of good. But he is not an innocent victim. And no drug killed that girl.

We all agree with you Old Timer except for Somebody who's a Nobody. The evidence is in bold print and accurate. Somebody has no common sense and plain stupid if he thinks the Medical Examiner or the police did'nt do their job correctly. He also must think Huguely lied when he 'confessed' to everything he did that night and he must think the blood on Huguely shirt was'nt hers which means DNA lies to..(very amusing) You can't argue with ignorance Old Timer, you know that. Let Somebody continue to argue with the wall...

"The state will then assign him to one of the over 40 prisons which span six levels of severity– not includiing "Red Onion," the special supermax facility for the most violent killers."

Why not? How much more violent can you be than to beat a person to death with your bare hands?

Just a matter of time until "Big Bubba" and the homies break that Hugeley PUKE down like a shotgun and put the power to him. I hope he dies from it.

Well I blame us ALL for this tragedy because we allow drinking alcohol in our society. George didn't kill Love. We did because we are a loser society that doesn't wish to deal with the realism of what drinking does to all of us ~ makes us horrible people.

@Greg.. Alcohol doesn't make responsible, normal people horrible. Many can handle it. Huguely is not normal. He's a narcissistic, violent, spoiled & disturbed individual that was never told no by his parents and went ballistic when Love did. He couldn't control her and he lost control of himself while in a drunken rage. No one made him drink, he chose to instead of getting help. That's his fault and his fault only and he'll live with it for the rest of his life.

Well many can't handle it. I have been around enough drunks over my years to know they can be highly aggressive when they drink too much. Alcoholism is a disease. And no doubt that the enviroment he grew up around greatly affected this negative outcome.
On the other hand a woman was slain. And he requires help with his problems. I would have given him a max of 5-10 yrs with lots of therapy. And as I said before I blame our society for this outcome.
Btw, I myself have never been to jail, etc. Nor, lucky me, do I have a taste for alcohol.

^^GREG^^ If Yeardly had been your wife, daughter, sister or niece, you would have wanted him put away for life like the rest of us. People have to pay for their crimes and therapy isn't punishment. This was a brutal & barbaric attack on a defenseless woman. He deserves what he got and then some. I pray to God you never serve on a jury or you'll let the most violent criminals back out on the streets. Your obviously not the brightest crayon in the box.

"Your obviously not the brightest crayon in the box." That's a funny one I've never heard before. (Btw it is You're OR You are; not Your)
Anyway I once had a (not blooded related) uncle who was considered a great man in his church until one day he came home to his wife and young son and killed them both. (And while on the lamb he killed himself) If alcoholism or other drugs were a factor then I would have forgave him as well. On the other hand there are some intensely violent people in this world that I would not like to see free again.
I pray to God that you can give others forgiveness.