Featheridge reversal: Dragas backs out of Kluge mansion buy

Helen Dragas hasn't backed off the Board of Visitors, but she has backed out of purchasing an Albemarle estate that had been providing a home away from home in the bucolic serenity of rural Albemarle County.

In an online-only Hook story published June 22, knowledgable sources revealed that the UVA Rector had contracted to buy a southern Albemarle estate called Featheridge. Dragas' own emails, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, showed that she was already using the former home of late-billionaire and media tycoon John Kluge to hold meetings in the week leading up to Sullivan's firing.

On the morning of Friday, June 8, the day that she and then Vice-Rector Mark Kington dropped the axe on the university's first female president, Teresa Sullivan, Dragas invited Kington to join her at a next-day meeting with University provost John Simon and vice president Michael Strine, most likely, she says, "at Featheridge."

"Let me know if you want my guest cottage," she told Kington in an email.

But in the aftermath of UVA June, with blistering criticism coming at her from nearly every direction, the Rector declined to complete the purchase that might have given her a comfortable perch from which to lead the search for a new president.

"She walked away," says Roger Voisinet, a longtime area realtor familiar with the deal.

It may have been a hard decision to forego nearly 6,000 square feet of historic living space on 55 glorious acres overlooking the Hardware River.

At the estate, located on Secretarys Road off Route 20, about halfway between Charlottesville and Scottsville, Kluge and his wife, Maria "Tussi" Kuttner Kluge, would frequently host programs for UVA's Mindfulness Center as well as T'ai Chi charity events.

After Kluge's death in 2010, Tussi Kluge remained in the historic dwelling that one visitor describes as "exquisitely tasteful." The visitor recalls a "perfect kitchen– not too huge but beautifully equipped" and says the historic house, though spacious, was "comfortable" and "not ostentatious."

According to realtors, the property was never formally placed into the MLS, the Multiple Listing Service; and County records show that it hasn't changed hands since Kluge bought it in 1994. Tussi Kluge did not return a reporter's calls for comment.

Featheridge would not have been Dragas' first Albemarle County retreat. Sources indicate that she'd previously taken up residence as a renter at Southern Cross Farm in the Keswick area. And while the rector and her husband keep a 6,500 square-foot waterfront home in Virginia Beach as their primary residence, Dragas revealed in a recent interview with a Darden School publication that when she and her family enjoy rural getaways in Albemarle County, the parents instruct the children to turn off electronics.

The name "Featheridge" may conjure images of delicacy and lightness. However, after firing Sullivan, Dragas initially refused to concede that a mistake was made, and she ran up a damage-control publicity bill topping $200,000. The Dragas methods caused one online commenter to suggest that a better name for her UVA-area home would be "Sledgehammercliff."

Tussi Kluge had told acquaintances that Dragas' planned purchase of the property, currently assessed for $1.6 million, would have included furniture and furnishings, say sources familiar with their conversations. The sources portray Dragas' purchase of what are described as "eclectic" furnishings as evidence of the Rector's willingness to elevate decision-making over personal preferences.

Any haste in acquiring the property, says UVA-based psychiatrist Andy Thomson, could be evidence that Dragas never expected the scathing fall-out– including widespread and ongoing calls for her resignation. And her subsequent withdrawal from the purchase might indicate that Dragas, although outwardly defiant about her actions, has done some reconsidering– at least when it comes to real estate.

Having been reappointed to a second four-year term by Governor Bob McDonnell and having vowed to remain at the helm while working with the woman she tried to axe, Dragas may yet desire a second home in Albemarle County, but perhaps she's waiting for the General Assembly to meet before making any purchase, since several legislators have expressed a wish to see her removed from the BOV.

Dragas has not returned multiple calls for comment.

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Maybe it didn't have the "quality vinyl" she was expecting?

It appears that this dragon lady is missing quite a few brain cells. It does not look good that UVA awarded her TWO degrees. If this is what UVA now produces, then I don't want my grandchildren to go there eventhough my degree has that famous Colgate Darden, Jr. signature. What a shame that UVA has to suffer because she is too stupid to resign.

Now she needs to back out of the BOV and stay over in the Tidewater.

Before McDonnell reappointed her she had two responses prepared by Hill and Knowlton - one if she stayed and one if she left. Maybe now she can dust off the second and exit stage left, before she is kicked out.

Just as Allen will always be remembered for his
" macaca moment "

McDonnell's DragasAffair will be his legacy.

Any one remember the Vagina Monologues ? I'm waiting for the Dragas Monologues to open in a theater near you - any takers ?
Just think - it could be the history of the rise and fall of " strategic dynamism " at a top ranked university.

Oh, this is such good news! The thought of Dragas turning this beautiful place into an ostentatious badge of her "arrival" was distasteful. I hope the person who ends up purchasing Featheridge will carry on the values of healing, gentleness, generosity of heart, and being part of the community.

Remind me never to share confidential information with Roger Voisinet.

People are so cruel and judgemental. I certainly hope your lives are as perfect and flawless as you would assume after reading such mean spirited criticism. I wouldn't ever want your glass houses to crack! Lord knows hopefully the press won't get ahold of you when it does., Maybe you could do yourself a favor and look up GRACE and COMPASSION in the dictionary !

Been here 40 years and I don't ever remember someone who is so universally disliked as Helen Dragas. With that kind of reputation she was smart not to buy property.

Oh yes please kruthers more whole foods cheese and virginia wine swill for me and tell kensington to bring the range rover round.
Albemarle is small time, shes smart not to buy, over priced and over rated.

City Resident--she's been made a caricature by people who don't know her, by the media, and by peoplewho don't fully understand how the University has worked. Irony is that people who know her thinls she walks on water. When she leaves BOV she'll be free of contractual constraints; I'm hoping she'll write a book. That will "rehabilitate" her reputation, though there would b a lot of bodies under the bus.

Hoo Cares,

Ms. Dragas may very well be a secretly nice person who her paid spokespersons say (remarkably) can "walk on water". However, her heavy handed, wrongheaded, amateurish,, destructive behavior as Rector, and her refusal to do the right thing by not stepping down, even after her coup failed in a continuing Dragas-designed and poorly executed humiliation for the University she claims to "love", do not really seem to make your predictions very credible.

I hope she does write a book and send many people under the bus! As far as all you "KNOW IT ALLS", maybe Ms Dragas will write a juicy chapter on each and every one of you! Boy I would love to read about that! Accept, your lives are probably so boring since all you have time for is to critize others.. Especially you Percy Perfect!
Amazes me that you all think you know everything about everyone! Were you people under the board room table in the Rotunda"? Just relieved I am not your neighbor, you people would be nightmares to live next door too! Ugh!

Jullie Beck,

Why don't you strange apologists for ms. dragas understand that it is precisely our not knowing what the BoV was thinking when it fired the president pursuant to ms. dragas's design, and her wholesale failure at any time to disclose any positive reason or support for her failed position that the system is so broken? If she had only conducted herself honorably, at any time in this process, she would neither be so villified by the thoughtful people who care so deeply for the University she is destroying, nor would her intransigence in remaining as Rector be so fundamentally harmful. When she moves on by whatever process, I, for one, will wish her and her neighbors (who, hopefully will be amused by her corporate double speak as she walks on their pool waters) well.

Eurohoo, it's not your fault that you have this impression, given the vacuum of truth as reported throughout these events, but even reporters have yet to quantify any damage or destruction. Those are dangerous words repeatedly use by a few drama-fuelers. Step back, or step in and you'll find a school forging ahead in fine form. Rumors of its death are grossly exaggerated. In time you'll see that I'm right.

Such hateful commentary. It is really a despicable display of most of you loving, caring, liberal minded UVA types. Sometimes you should just step back and look at yourselves and the example that YOU are setting, and trails of slime that you too leave.

If only you were right, Hoo Cares. I am surrounded in Europe by educated people, business leaders and thoughtful, knowledgeable would-be supporters of the University of Virginia. Every one of them is bafled by Ms. Dragas's refusal to leave. That is simply not done in circumstances like these -- of her creation -- which include her causing the University's very accreditation to be called into question. If that, alone, is not prima facie damage -- what in the world do you think is?

I am surrounded in europe by educated people. Business leaders.... So how are things going over there is Germany going to bail you all out or will the corruption and poverty prevail in Spain, Italy and Greece? Why do the snooty europeans always come to the states to get an education? A good edjumakation is hard to find over there huh? TJ is a smart guy he will learn ya real good. Now get back to your bickering and leave me out of it.

well, Really, you "really" know what you are talking about. I am an American, living and working both in the U.S. and Europe I also have one of my degrees from UVa, of which I am most proud.. And, in fact, postsecondary education is one of the few, remaining top-tier products that the rest of the world still wants to buy from us. .Except for the kind of damage that Ms. Dragas insists on doing to the hUniversity, it garners great respect. I have both European and American employees. Tey are equally competent, hard-working, dedicated to good and moral values. Your strange attack is quite instructive as to why you support Ms. Dragas. You sem comfortable in continuing to turn everything American into second, or third-rate. I am not -- especially not the University of Virginia..

Leaving would have been the easier path, just ask Mark Kington. Staying is far more difficult. The primary mistake BOV was in not voting to terminate. Choosing the gentler option of forced resignation was an error that caused all that followed. The next mistake was in Sullivan not honoring her commitment to resign. That changed everything. You may prefer that she be there, but she deserves blame for the noise.

Leaving, as Mr. Kingston -- a true business pro -- shows, was the right and honorable thing to do. This is a classic example of what Napoleon meant when he said "If youre going to take Vienna -- Take Vienna!", Having failed to do so, it is well past time for Ms. Dragas to go. Just because her staying is not as "easy" as her doing the right thing would have been,, does not make it better. Her out of control and dysfunctinal ego seem, however, to make her staying "easier" than it would be for someone who had the best interests of the University in mind. Her staying is, in and of itself -- regardless of how "easy" or "difficult" destructive and wrong.

You are in no position to gauge her ego. And there are plenty of people who are hoping that she will have the stomach to stay, just don't know them. I can make a pretty good case that it is actually Sullivan's dysfunction that is the culprit of your discontent.

I am not in a position to determine whether Dr. Sullivan is great, average, or sub-standard. She seems to be doing all the right things, but, like anyone in such a position, needs time to sort all that out. I do, however, see the public record of Ms. Dragas. I also have decades' of experience with corporate governance, and can pretty generally tell from performance (as I have seen from Ms. Dragas) when there's an ego issue. I also know that her continued staying -- even if you are, as is highly unlikely, right about any of this -- cannot in any circumstance, advance the best interests of the institution she purports to serve.That is why she has to step away.

@JB - What was so kind and compassionate about Dragas' coup in firing President Sullivan.

President Sullivan has demonstrated excellent leadership during tumultuous time at UVA, and all with GRACE and COMPASSION.


@JB - If Dragas does write a book and discloses the information you are suggesting, all proceeds will go toward legal fees.

By-the-way, are you spewing anger this morning because you're on the clock this weekend?

legal defense fees.

HC - Dragas threw Dr. Sullivan under the bus. Dragas has angered the majority of the UVA community.

@Eurohoo - Dragas' resignation is necessary. She should have done an outcome study before canning President Sullivan.

Hanging onto her Rector position discredits the entire BoV, and does nothing for UVA.

@HA & HC - Results of Dragas damaging and destruction decision:

1) jeopardized the UVA accreditation,
2) prominent faculty to quit due to her covert actions,
3) donations are down, and
4) Strine, UVA COO has to be replaced...

There is a lot more fallout. You do the research.

And, stop posting fluff on this page.

Watching Rector Dragas run the BoV is like watching last weeks Packer's/Seahawk's game, with replacement refs. Cringe!

"The National Football League suffered major brand damage after a replacement referee made a bad call which resulted in the infamous Green Bay Packers loss to the Seattle Seahawks this past week. As a Packers fan, this author would say it was probably the worst referee call in the history of the sports universe."

US News & World Report

The reason Ms. Dragas punted on the farm is that she learned that the Chinese drywall she used in her overpriced houses in Tidewater had also been used at the farm. I have many, many connections in Virginia Beach, Ms.Dragas and her husband are universally disliked by legions of people. Lawyers in his firm refer to him as a lightweight and lawyers in competing firms said things I can't write on a comments page. She is also the source of many ugly comments about her personal style and business approach. Go talk to a family that purchased a Dragas Chinese drywall house. It will not be a pretty conversation. Now if we can just get Donald Trump out of Albemarle County, it might be safe to allow women, children and pets back on the streets!

The saddest person this week is the realtor who lost that commission. As for Dragas playing Empress perched at Featheridge...the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

No, the saddest person is the owner, I have heard it was a private deal - no realtor involved. But then again maybe not, chances are there was a deposit and that may have been substantial and forfeited by Dragas - but what's several hundred thousand for these peoples, mere pennies in the scheme of things.

It was a private deal through Dragas' friend at Remax.

As long as Albemarle continues to provide drama that could never be made up, we don't need movies or sitcoms

Nancy Drew,

I generally appaud what you say, and am usually on board with the substance of your message. However, I'm afraid I cannot subscribe to your creeping notion that Dragas and her ilk are harmful to the University because they possess wealth. I know many, many people of means who are competent, thoughtful, compassionate, smart, genuinely philanthropic and good. Many of them -- thank Goodness -- are true friends of UVa. I, myself, try my best to be all those things. Dragas and her cronies are harmful, not because they have money. They are harmful because they are driven by motives that are simply not consistent with the best interests of the University -- or because they are simply incompetent and confused, and should never be put in positions of public trust and authority. They are best suited for running their family-owned businesses, and they know that, despite their corrupt drive for more. This is why they employ (either through payment or intimidation) people like Jullie Beck and Hoo Cares (more likely than not, the same person, but in any event, quite enthusiastic about the mission, casting this incompetent, greedy and destructive woman as someone who "walks on water" -- I really love that one), to try to create the illusion that their principals have legitimate support. Of course, it is quite easy to see that these hired commentators have no substance, no serious argument and no compassion for goodness or competence. They are easily distinguished from angry lightweights like "Really?", who are simply clueless and confused in their own right, and they are much more insidious. In any case, the University needs good friends of means to survive -- especially as state support has all but disappeared -- but, not to the exclusion of this governor leveraging the state's influence for his own political gain with the group of supporters he seems to favor. All that said, and getting back to the story at hand, although the owners of Featheridge may be unhappy about Dragas's (consistent) refusal to honor her purchase obligation, for my money, the luckiest people in the story are the neighbors who have been spared this woman's walks on the waters of their pools, ponds and lakes.

Thus far all wrong on every account, which speaks interestingly enough... Not an attorney, not collecting monies from a hired hand, not the same person as Hoo Cares, but like what she/he says, not trying to be anybody other then shed a light on possibly suggesting/encouraging that people could possibly express their opinions without so much hate in tone and without such conviction of judgement. Just happen to not get the benefit in that particular style of communicating.
Signing off, as would rather not participate in further engagement on my end. Doesn't seem too beneficial and I find much more pleasure in watching the Ryder Cup today then following this website and giving any credibility to such back and forth bad energy.
Best of luck to all that hope to seek fulfillment in there ongoing obsession of a crisis that seems not to be at this point and a university that will stand victorious through the test of time. May Ms. Sullivan and Ms. Dragas learn to get along harmoniously and continue forward to the betterment of University of Virginia.
BTW have unchecked the box of "notify me when comments are posted", so give it a rest Euro and WE. Put your feet up and enjoy your day! :)

@Eurohoo, point well taken. I do believe though that economic diversity on the Board is needed and is presently absent. That alone would probably have prevented the attempt to oust Sullivan and all the wasted energy, money and time of students, alumni, legislators and UVa faculty and staff.

I would agree completely, Nancy Drew. My only disagreement is with your theoretical suggestion that this would have prevented the coup attempt, as it seems Ms. Dragas simply (and quite adroitly) kept the would-be honest brokers on the BoV out of the discussion.

If you look at the members on the board when Sullivan was ousted they now claim they knew what was coming down and did nothing to stop it - I may be wrong but I doubt if she could have pulled this off with a more diverse board .

"Jullie Beck-Financial Advisor at Davenport & Company LLC
Norfolk, Virginia Area | Financial Services

Senior Vice President - Investments at Davenport & Company LLC
University of Virginia
I have been advising individuals and small businesses since 1983. I began my career working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and on a Corporate Bond trading desk in New York. As a native of Norfolk, I moved back home and worked as a financial advisor with Bank of America Investments and its predecessor firms for 14 years. For the next 10 years, I worked as a financial advisor for LeggMason which merged into SmithBarney (owned by CitiCorp). In 2009, I moved to Davenport & Company LLC to get back with a regional firm that truly cares about taking care of its clients. My objective is to help my clients achieve their financial goals through trusted advice and personal service. I work closely with my clients to develop and maintain an investment strategy that is focused on their tolerance of risk and individual financial goals."

@Nancy Drew - agreed. It's a completely dysfunctional board that will not openly discuss issues that affect the entire UVA community.

This is the worst case at the worst time. The real value at UVA is in the faculty, students who rely on the faculty, and the staff. This BoV is a disgrace.


Regarding our BoV dysfunctional board, I agree.. Hook should have screened your post. You must be from the PR firm H&K?

@concern - why don't you tell us about your concern for the UVA?

'moi' has moved on to the new identity:


software analysis does not lie.

Sean Cannan seams to be the moi, chris, concerned poster imposters...wow, who knows how many alias's. I feel pretty naive!

@ Sean, you have completely discredited yourself. Way to go. You have lost credibility from a rape victim University of California, 1982 grad.

Sean, REMEMBERING rape victims RULES: be treated with dignity - (you have fueled a fire opposed to our purpose), keep out of the media!

We are advocating for a top tiered university president, and that is our purpose here.

i don't know, or care, who all those writers are. i only know that they are strikingly similar in their illiteracy, their being devoid of reason, their penchant for obfuscation and their distraction from the discussion. If they are not the same person, there are certainly a lot of deficient supporters of the equally dysfunctional ms. dragas. i cannot tell if "moi" is truly someone who suffered grevious harm and injustice, as she doesn't ever come out and state what her criticisms of the handling of her issues were. i hope for her sake she is the fraud she seems to be. if not, my heart goes out to her, as her obsession and distraction seem to be manifestations of a serious pain borne in injustice that has little to do with the current conversation. in any case, they either don't understand the governance issues that these articles address, or they really want to point everyone in a different direction. if that is their purpose, then, well done, ms. dragas and your minions. you have turned everyone away from the real issue at hand -- even on this blog. nevertheless, you are not an effective, competent or useful rector, and should withdraw or be removed as soon as practicable.

@Eurohoo - agreed. The UVA has suffered too much due to Dragas' reign as rector. I am very concerned about the UVA community, and the accreditation should never have been placed in jeopardy.

Cavalier Daily
Oct. 1, 2012
By: Matthew Comey
Bipartisan legislators host town hall to consider Dragas ouster

...“The governor does not believe the board appointment selection process should be changed,” Caldwell said in an email. “As far as internal board governance rules and procedures, he generally believes those should be left to each board to determine.”

Thank you, Naïve,

I'm afraid that I don't know enough to determine whether, as it seems, major, structural revisions in the appointment process are compelled by current circumstances. What seems clear is that, for a variety of reasons, Ms, Dragas's refusal to withdraw, and this Governor's bizzare reappointment, coupled with his installing the new suppression thugs whose mission is not to work with the president, but rather to silence, threaten her and compromise her (as seen in their exppression of "concern" about the failure of research funding and their quick finger-pointing in that respect) demand, at a minimum, that Ms. Dragas needs to be sent packing, followed, perhaps by.an investigation of the Governor's actions to determine whether he has acted in a manner that is consistent with his applicable governing obligations without being unduly influenced by improper sources.

It's been said before, but the episode this past summer might be one of the best things that happened to UVA in a long time. Yes, a lot of people were stunned and traumatized by the forced "resignation" of Pres. Sullivan, but, in the overall scheme of things, this will prove to strengthen the UVA community, the BOV, Admin, faculty as well as the student body. Bad Ass Dragas was running the University like a business and T. Sully, in spite of all the good things she has done, is at heart an academic! From what I have read, T. Sully purposefully delayed in providing the BOV with a promised detailed strategic plan.

Not to draw a straight comparison, but it took the tragic murder of Yeardly Love for a lot of folks (especially the UVA Athletic Department) to wake up and not look the other way when their athletes pose a danger to others. Likewise, this sounded the alarm for a lot of young women in abusive relationships.

I care deeply about the UVA community, and its' future. Dragas should resign in order to at least stabilize this mess. Other BoV may have to resign for UVA sake, at least the Rector's resignation would send a sign to the committed faculty. You know the ones, Dragas. This does not require rocket science. Get on with it BoV. Redeem what is left of your ill-advised coup. No one trusts the BoV at UVA. UVA is better than this!

@BD - Dragas' plan was to oust President Sullivan for no reason. Dr. Sullivan was meeting all expectations. Dragas did not want Sullivan as president of UVA period. Dragas asked Dr. Sullivan not to "pressure the faculty in instituting change at UVA", and that Dragas had all under control. Dragas has not one ounce of higher education leadership. Dragas and her board of visitors are completely dysfunctional. Dragas has put the UVA accreditation in jeopardy.

@BD - you must be the new PR to promote Dragas. How disgusting. Most learned people can see through the lines.

@B down - really? you have no credibility. You have been scanned and outed as a PR post (H&K still at it?).

Get off the post.

Watching from Pacific -- what is H&K? I am an individual expressing my personal opinion.
Thanks to you and CC for respecting freedom of thought and speech.

WFP - My father 's aircraft were shot down on two separate occasions in the Pacific in WWII and he did a lot of watching "on " the Pacific from his life raft. He didn't risk his life so you could insult folks for expressing opinions. I have absolutely no dog in the fight. The matter wasn't handled appropriately but then a lot of things that happen in life are not handled fairly or justly.

However, can I not have an opinion in the matter ....in the overall scheme of things, this incident resulted in positive outcomes. (I am not watching from a distance, I am up close and personal and I see it with my own eyes ).

As others have stated if the rector had been removed earlier we would not know what we now know. And the shameful behavior continues as if they think no one is looking.

ok. ok. but, now we know more than enough -- with no counter-arguments of any substance or reason -- to conclude without equivocation that the rector is the source, or an agent to the source, of all of the Universitys problems, and that her continued presence both compromises and paralyzes the University in all ways -- including by calling into question the otherwise unquestionable qualifications as an accredited institute of higher learning. She really has to be removed, as she seems incapable of understanding that the right, honorable, and only thing to do is to step down.

What a mess Dragas has created. It's completely absurd to think that the UVA faculty can be rolled over by Dragas. She's is a complete idiot. Parrot at best.

@BD - I could care less about what your father did in WWII!. I care about what you have done.

...today's battle is against DRAGAS. She is not a leader. The benefits UVA will reap in years to come will be do to Dr. Sullivan's abilities to keep the faculty & staff together during the worst period in UVA history.

The Hook should look more deeply into the Tussi Kluge-Dragas connection. Of course that may involve treading close to toes the Hook writers traditionally manicure, so I won't hold my breath. Oh for the days when Spencer and his hacks dug deep into the local targets they had it out for, driving the subjects of their pieces into forced obscurity, financial failure, and worse (much of this back in the days when the Cville Weekly was the only rag in town).


although i like you energy in this regard, i have no particular interest in breaking the errant and incompetent ms. dragas. she can keep all her wealth and private self-aggrandizement, But, forced obscurity and prying her hands off the University would be good.

Message for "Dragas Must Resign" -- You missed my point... it's not what my father did, it is what he stood for and what I stand for as well..... allowing for diversity of opinion on issues which deserve discussion .... I did not demand that someone "Get off the post" as WFP did to me! Really not necessary...

Look back more deeply into Kulge's relationship with UVA and you'll see all the same forces at work in this most recent blow-up, folks. The problem isn't that money is "starting" to take over, but rather that people with money let their vanity and general lack of knowledge stop those with better knowledge from bringing useful truths to light. Kulge tried to own complementary medicine at UVA and the effort failed. Now it's Tudor Jones and the CSC.

Batten-Down- You had to learn the hard way unfortunately that the Hook is not a credible site where individuals carry on a normal conversation. It is a group of ultra liberals and faculty happy with the status quo who defend a president who was doing an adequate job in their view. They refuse to see where UVA could be taken to the next level by a new president with a forward vision. They accuse Dragas and the board of lying simply because they didn't take a public vote in order to save Sullivan the embarrassment of a public flogging. A critical error for the future of UVA. Now they are bent on punishing Dragas and the board at the expense of UVA. Did I mention that they refuse to believe that there is another side or opinion to this and that anyone who dares to write about it is probably working for a firm hired by the board to defend them?

Dragas and the board of lying

Batten-Down- You had to learn the hard way unfortunately that the Hook is not a credible site where individuals carry on a normal conversation. It is a group of ultra liberals and faculty happy with the status quo who defend a president who was doing an adequate job in their view. They refuse to see where UVA could be taken to the next level by a new president with a forward vision. They accuse Dragas and the board of lying simply because they didn't take a public vote in order to save Sullivan the embarrassment of a public flogging. A critical error for the future of UVA. Now they are bent on punishing Dragas and the board at the expense of UVA. Did I mention that they refuse to believe that there is another side or opinion to this and that anyone who dares to write about it is probably working for a firm hired by the board to defend them?

Kind Campaign (or "Chris", et al),

Give it a rest. Most of the commentors are neither "liberal" nor faculty. They are simply deeply concerned about the ineptitude of ms. dragas and her board in governing the institution. There is simply no rational defense for her self-serving and destructive actions in June, nor for her remaining in the position of Rector. She serves no useful purpose that is consistent with the best interests of the University of Virginia. They have caused great embarrassment and discredit to the University. Without Ms. Dragas's inexplicable acts and grotesque incompetetence, the unassailable accreditation of the University would never have been called into question. You and your ilk have stated several times that there are reasons for the ridiculous upheaval caused by ms. dragas, yet, neither you in whatever alias, nor she and her paid apologists have ever spelled them out. Do you write to fools in your ordinary life? Do you, like Ms. Dragas, run a family owned business that was handed to you by a relative, and therefore possess no understanding of how governance is best executed? You and your agenda of obfuscation, as well as Ms. Dragas's usefulness, have more than run their course. It is truly amazing to me that voices, like yours, spoken on behalf of the incompetent Rector, who, herself, pretends to set a course of working in unison with the president going forward, continue to snipe at her and interfere with both her ability to discharge the duties and responsibilities of her important office and to offer nothing constructive.

Most are faculty, a certain prior rector with a chip on his shoulder (reference NY times article), or relatives of Sullivan. And this is the group who needs to "give it a rest". No one speaks on the other side unless provoked. And Eurohoo... If you are indeed in "Europe", you keep some awfully late hours. Maybe you should get a little sleep. That may help you think a little more clearly.

Kind C,
7:45p.m. may be late for a paid defender of incompetence, but it is a normal part of my work day, and I would be delighted to learn from you how my thinking is in any way unclear. I I have no chip on my shoulder, and am fairly experienced on governance issues. It is a no-brainer to know that Dragas has outlived her usefulness (if there was ever, any) on the BoV.

Several posters here treat The Hook as a personal blog, free seats from which they pontificate. This article was about a real estate transaction--that never happened. You should go get your own blogs, with your own pseudo identities. And be sure to hire Roger Voisinet as your RE agent; just ask Tussi Kluge and Donald Trump for references...oh wait, he isn't actually PARTY to any of these deals, he just gossips about them.

very nice, Hoo Cares. We're all still waiting for you to "make the case" you promised above. But, instead, you decide to write your own rules to obfuscate the discussion about the buyer in the article who backed out of the deal when her coup failed. Sorry. Nobody's buying the act.

What is the referent of "he" in your last sentence? Trump or Voisinet? And for the record, I'm not pontificating (except possibly by implication); I'm asking for deeper reporting, such as The Hook's deeply considered article on the proposition that Dragas harassed Sullivan over her weight.

Roger Voisinet was also quoted by The Hook in article about Albemarle House sale to Trump, another deal in which he was not involved. I'm persuaded by my own argument that the anonymous internet forums of media are not a good place for substantive discussions. They're fine for an occasional observation or barb. I'm not writing any rules, just making an observation.

A reasonable perspective, but media organizations who provide such unregulated commentary opportunties invite a clash of idiots (definition: self-involved to the point of ignorance). My view is that these commentaries should be used to question and impugn the sponsoring media organizations biases and blind spots. Spencer was once a hungry, quirky, sometimes meanspirited journalist who stalked and brought down a few lumbering local locos who needed to be brought down (does anyone remember Solora and "Starborne"?). Once the DMB got famous, Spencer tried to become an honorary member by printing fawning articles about "the Dave" etc and at the same time got increasingly erratic and cocky in his attacks (he pissed off John Grissom so badly that Grissom refused to have anything to do with the VA Festival of the Book for a year or two). With the Hook, Spencer has tried to come off as a local one-man Woodward and Berstein who follows stories down dark alleys (the VA Review articles and now the Dragas-Sullivan blowout), but he and the Hook can no longer claim outsider status. They are very much intertwined with the established powers, which are quite considerable. Why, for example, do you think the Hook quotes Roger Voisinet? Why do they repeatly publish articles by Janis Jaquith (the mother of Waldo, who, for some inexplicable reason, became an obsessive focus for Spencer in the 90's and early 10's, and who was the main inside source for the VA Review articles)? These people are among the local stakeholders that Spencer and the Hook favor.