Helen Dragas

Rector reaction: Boiling point or dénouement?
Published on Mar 7th, 2013
12 comments Just when you think the bad publicity that has plagued UVA since the "unpleasantness" of last summer couldn't possibly continue, up pops a front page story in the Washington Post exposing lingering...
Rect-urrection: How will Dragas foes cope with her victory?
Published on Feb 6th, 2013
74 comments Has there ever been a University of Virginia rector as reviled as Helen Dragas, the woman who united students, faculty, and alums in calling for her head following her failed ouster of President...
Selfless servant: Dragas got a raw deal
Published on Jan 18th, 2013
73 comments Having been a neutral observer to the “Sullivan Spectacle,” I would ask objective parties to note the following, all of which have been reported individually, but not collectively:•The Board of...
Do you think the General Assembly will let Helen Dragas stay?
Published on Jan 10th, 2013
Accreditation limbo: UVA placed on 'warning' status by group
Published on Dec 11th, 2012
80 comments Helen Dragas has a new headache. Despite telling the group that accredits the University of Virginia that all governance issues were under control, the UVA Board of Visitors, which Dragas leads,...
Classical training at the BOV
Published on Nov 16th, 2012
2 comments Inspired by the photo mentioned in this story.
Sullivan's extension: And other things out of Dragas' control
Published on Nov 13th, 2012
75 comments After a student protest of its Board of Visitors was quashed last week, people across America are wondering what the heck is wrong with the University of Virginia. Related: Transparency now:...
Transparency now: Protestors call for Dragas' resignation
Published on Nov 8th, 2012
118 comments A group of University of Virginia undergraduates, graduate students, and a few faculty members, marched across Grounds today to a meeting of the Board of Visitors at the Harrison Institute to demand...
Hogan's a hero? President Sullivan and BOV name new COO
Published on Oct 19th, 2012
1 comments A business executive with longtime ties to Charlottesville and the University of Virginia has been tapped as the University's new chief operating officer. The announcement of the replacement for...
Targeting Dragas: 'Unpleasantness' not over yet, say legislators
Published on Sep 28th, 2012
70 comments Like a playwright struggling to finish a satisfying final act with characters who refuse to cooperate, State legislators, UVA faculty, and local citizens gathered at a "town hall" meeting at the UVA...
Featheridge reversal: Dragas backs out of Kluge mansion buy
Published on Sep 28th, 2012
74 comments Helen Dragas hasn't backed off the Board of Visitors, but she has backed out of purchasing an Albemarle estate that had been providing a home away from home in the bucolic serenity of rural Albemarle...
UVA June: Dragas just a tool in right-wing 'reform'
Published on Sep 26th, 2012
97 comments By Peter Gunter Three months after Teresa Sullivan was fired and rehired as President of the University of Virginia, concerned people are still searching for an explanation to what seemed like a rash...
Solid stream: UVA Visitors to televise themselves
Published on Sep 11th, 2012
23 comments After some particularly public prodding from a well-known local couple who took matters into their own hands, the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors plans to offer its own live webcast of its...
Peace makes peace
Published on Aug 30th, 2012
1 comments If President Sullivan, the injured party, is willing to let it go, why can't Dr. J. Anderson Thomson? [August 23 essay: "President Sullivan: Still getting bullied by Dragas"]."The wisdom that is...
Dragas right to fear an honor code
Published on Aug 29th, 2012
0 comments I am in total agreement with the issues presented in [the August 23 essay: "President Sullivan: Still getting bullied by Dragas"]. It is a fitting part of the investigative journalism the Hook's...
Bully for the bully essay
Published on Aug 29th, 2012
0 comments [Re: August 23 essay: "President Sullivan: Still getting bullied by Dragas"]: Every word 1,000% true and a much needed article. I think you should send a copy to the Rector by registered mail. Thank...
Now Nau: Beer tycoon pays Dragas' Hill + Knowlton bills
Published on Aug 23rd, 2012
56 comments At the recent retreat of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors inside the Richmond Omni hotel, a Hook reporter approached Board member John Nau to ask about his decision to cover the costs...
Dragas on Board: The Rector who wouldn't go
Published on Aug 21st, 2012
55 comments Fear, distrust, sadness, anger. Welcome back to the University of Virginia.If you spent the summer on a desert island with no internet, you are in for a surprise. This isn't the same UVA you left at...
President Sullivan: Still getting bullied by Dragas
Published on Aug 21st, 2012
47 comments By J. Anderson Thomson University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan has broken her silence on the controversy that consumed most of June and which continues to pervade the institution. She may...
Hoo d'etat: Top UVA alums demand BOV answers
Published on Aug 8th, 2012
90 comments In a strongly-worded letter, a group of 14 prominent University of Virginia alumni are urging the Board of Visitors, a minority of whom recently engineered a temporary ouster of President Teresa...