Bail set: Dumler must raise $50K and forfeit alcohol

As he did a day earlier, County Supervisor-turned-felony arrestee Christopher Dumler shifted uneasily in his chair and mustered an approximation of a smile as he stared into a video camera at the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail to hear whether he'd win bail in General District Court. Judge William Barkley was presented an agreement by defense and prosecution to let Dumler go free on a $50,000 secured bond.

Appearing unshaven and dressed in a striped jailhouse jumpsuit, instead of the slacks and blazers that are the 27-year-old lawyer/legislator's usual attire, Dumler began the October 19 hearing looking down. However, he concluded by holding his chin high while still seeming uncomfortable nearly 35 hours after his arrest on a forcible sodomy charge.

"The court's going to accept the agreement," said Judge Barkley, ticking off the list of conditions under which Dumler can go free: no alcohol consumption, no leaving the state without permission, no possession of a firearm (including turning in his concealed weapon permit), and no contact with the alleged victim or her family.

Court records indicate that the woman, identified on the arrest warrant only by her initials, has essentially asserted that Dumler raped her anally. It's a charge that just doesn't resonate with at least one of Dumler's friends.

Chris Kyle, the lead owner of a new Scottsville brewery that opened in September and where Dumler recently participated in a charity bartender event, says that Dumler is one of James River Brewing's 38 shareholders and that nothing about the allegation matches Dumler's track record of professional work and community service.

"He's done a lot of good down here," says Kyle, a rising vice-president of Scottsville's chamber of commerce who attended the Friday morning bail hearing in downtown Charlottesville.

"This is not the Chris that I know," says Kyle, nodding as some of Dumler's accomplishments– lawyer, Eagle Scout, Army Reservist, volunteer firefighter, as well as recently-elected member of Albemarle's six-member governing board– are mentioned.

In court on October 19, the two legal teams in the case were revealed. Andrew Sneathern is representing Dumler, while Fluvanna County Commonwealth's Attorney Jeff Haislip has been tapped to prosecute.

"My main goal, since I've only been involved for 24 hours, is to meet with investigators and meet with the victim," Haislip said after the conclusion of the brief hearing. Sneathern walked away without answering any questions.

Virginia law criminalizes forcible sodomy the same way it criminalizes vaginal rape: with a five-year minimum prison term.

The court set a preliminary hearing for December 13.

"Let's wait and see what happens," says Dumler's friend Kyle. "We'll have to see how the facts fall."

Avoiding any discussion of the criminal charges facing her friend and political ally, political operative Cynthia Neff explains why she put her house up as security to get arrested Albemarle County Supervisor Christopher Dumler out of jail. She says she wants Dumler to get back to work on County issues, as well as at his legal practice.

"Chris doesn't make much money," says Neff, "and I just didn't think sitting in jail was the right answer."

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There certainly is a woman living in town with the initials CMH as reported in the police report, though the letters are in a different order. This situation is definitely one where the small town will split apart with opinions, no matter which side it will be the believers and the non-believers.

In the comments on the previous article, Cotton made the following statement:

"This isn't a DUI beef or some sordid drunken domestic violence charge. This is really serious. A violent felony w/ life in prison on the table."

I would argue that domestic violence is serious, drunken or not.

Would someone please enlighten us on the "2009 investigation of a UVA Student". Are you implying that he was taken to a Sexual Assault Board while a student at UVA? Or are you implying that a woman accused him of sexual assault and nothing was done?

A quick look at his Facebook page shows that he is friends with Denise Llundsford and that she was more than a professional contact; the last visible contact was Oct 7th--- was this crime reported to Albemarle County or Charlottesville Police on Oct 4th?

What does that say about his character? As well as the fact that he took a code of conduct in our military.How do these charges stack up to our militaries code of conduct?<<<<

My recollection of the "Code of Conduct" refers to how one conducts themselves when a PW. Perhaps you are referencing the "Conduct Unbecoming" Article in the UCMJ.

It concerns me that Mr. Dumler might possibly use as his defense the use of too much alcohol which impaired his judgement. As a previous poster said alcohol should not be an excuse for such a serious alleged assault and I totally agree with that. It would be a travesty of justice if he should get off with a slap on the wrist and some treatment in rehab for alcohol abusers. The victim needs the validation and support of any other women who might have received similar treatment from Mr. Dumler. This is not a time for political sparring. This is not a politically inspired "dirty trick."

Rod- You are excatcly right. His conduct is unbecoming. That of a military person, an eagle scout, a political representative , or a human being for that fact. He makes all the above look bad. This man is a known offender and I feel that there are other people that have yet to step forward concerning Dumler and his conduct unbecoming... Let us not forget he was not questioned by the police and then released, he was arrested for rape (sodomy). Evidence must be thick.

Dont judge him too harshly- Democrats have been doing this to all of us for years.

@Sparky - typical republican politics coming from Virginia. Dragas (faux demo), McDonnell - do all wrong until you are caught, then raise funds and buy your way out! Very disturbing.

Anyone who says his public persona indicates that "he's not that kind of guy" needs to remember Jerry Sandusky. We need to see evidence before we decide he is or isn't the scum of the earth.

Initially reserving judgment, but things starting to come out that look less than savory. If he likes driving up the dirt road, consensually or not, than he's already a pervert anyhow. Past incidents, even if glossed over, suggest a person with gross habits and poor boundary controls when it comes to the viler impulses that sometimes control sexuality. If not a criminal, he's obviously too much of a hound dog for his ethical boundaries not to be very suspect and, on that basis alone, unfit for public office...
Good God, what am I saying? Standards like these should put him on the fast track for the White House or at the very least the Senate...

What Angel Eyes said, x1000.

Even if consensual, this guy is a perv, and not fit for public office.

What Hook reader is so boring that he/she hasn't committed some form of consensual "sodomy" dozens of times? Force is another thing entirely and should be treated as such and punished to the fullest extent possible if proven, but you think Barrack and Michelle or Mitt and Anne don't get a little kinky now and again?

Chris serves on the Albemarle County Police Department's Citizens Advisory Committee. How combersome is this for the police? Chris should resign from this committe.

Cynthia Neff, Carol Thorpe, Duane Snow, and Madam President Terry Sullivan would make a formidable front on the defensive line for the Wahoos. Might be 300 pounds between em...Heck we need em out there! All central-virginia HUGE team....

Unfortunately I have had lots of background with sexual assault issues and fortunately I know Chris Dumler. This does not mean I know if the charges are valid or not. But I have another "unfortunately" to add to the mix: UNFORTUNATELY I know that there are many corrupt individuals not only in the law enforcement departments of many, if not most, Virginia counties, but specifically in the prosecutors' offices. This does not mean that I know anything about the particulars in this case, either, just that truly, "anything is possible."

People who are commenting that Chris Dumler is a "slimeball" or any of that kind of thing are way out of line. In my opinion it cannot even be presumed at this point in time that there was really a prima facie case against him. Regardless of what happened he is entitled to a vigorous and effective defense and many people will be joining me when I say that I will assist in that defense if given the chance.

If you think bizarre and horrible things cannot happen in the area of sexual assault cases, google the name "Jonathan Turley" together with the following quoted headline: "Woman Admits That She Falsely Accused Convicted High School Student of Rape After He Serves His Time In Jail . . . Woman Keeps $1.5 Million Award As Rape Victim"

The best defense for a man is the false accusation theory. There isn't a man out there who won't identify with that theory.

If he was falsely accused, the woman and the CA should be prosecuted.

There is very little int he media about the arrest - such as who authorized the warrant? Based on what a few women have posted in the Daily Progress, he walked a fine line as a UVA student. FERPA will protect his collegiate shenanigans - if he had ever been brought up on a sexual assault charge and even if he was found guilty by a sexual assault board, those records are sealed (and most likely the shredders at UVA have already erased them from ever being found).

It is interesting to note that a classmate of Dumler's (UVA Law '09) committed rape in Georgia while representing the school at a symposium in Atlanta. VP Lampkin and Susan Davis did not do anything about it once they were told and provided with the police report - as a matter of fact, they even chose not to speak with the student. It is possible that these women who have called Dumler a "slimeball" in the blogs have basis for their disgust. I have no knowledge of him, just saying there may be a reason why these women are saying these things.......they finally have a forum to vent the wrongs that were swept under the rug.

There is a reason he was arrested -- was it political? We'll soon find out.

Is Dumler married?

Not usually a conspiracy theorist, but if you want to really push thru the bypass, you get rid of one of the Democratic supervisors.

As expected, out come Dumler's Democrat cronies to cry police corruption and political chicanery.



dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dumler!

Did the Albemarle Democrats, including Vice Chair Cynthia Neff , ever bother to do research on this candidate BEFORE letting him run on their ticket? He has 6 or 7 criminal or traffic records from Cville, Albemarle and Nelson Counties since 2006, including one from Charlottesville for Evading The Police! That charge alone might have given the Dems a reason to NOT run him as a Democrat. Now that he's been arrested for forcible sodomy against a woman, who comes to his defense? The Democratic Vice Chairman!! I think we need to clean house at the head of the party and find new leadership. Right at the end of this election season and this happens? And a party leader bailing him out? It's time for a new Democratic Party in the County.

When did the trial happen??? I must have missed it, cause it sounds like people here have already heard he's guilty.

Is it just me or does he bear some physical or character resemblence to James Halfaday?

Are we sure this was a legitimate forcible sodomy ?

Or maybe she moved the tarket ?

What was she wearing ?

Could she of been asking for it ?

Did Governor forcible transvaginal weigh in ?

I suggest we run this by Todd Akin , just to be safe , a lot of unanswered questions .

Another liberal showing off his situational ethics. What a surprise.

He should be required to forego no only alcohol, but BUNGHOLE too!!!

what would yossarian say ?

I am going to wait for this case to come to court before I make up my mind. I think that Chris Dumler has tried to achieve good results for this district.

That being said, when this goes to trial and thru the amount of evidence presented confirms that he used force, threats or intimidation against an unwilling partner, then he should sentenced according to the law and possibly be on the SOR list for the rest of his life.

As far as I am concerned, the type of sex is not important, anything in Virginia that is not missionary style vaginal sex is considered illegal.

You red v blue political fanatics are a hoot. lets quickly throw stones because no republican had ever proved to be a perverted degenerate, and no democrat has ever proved to be a manipulative liar. I guess its easier than thinking. You are the reason this country will slide into ruin. When that happens it will be the most deserved implosion since Caligulan Rome.

This is about a guy who may or may not be a creep and who may or may not go to jail, and about a woman who may or may not be his victim- go ahead and make it a referendum on which of your unpatriotic political power machines is more or less worthy....sheeesh.

Friend of Sville...where in this article does it state the victim's initials? And if the initials are flipped, could it possibly mean they're someone else's? There are only so many letters in the alphabet. Everyone in Scottsville seems intent on finding out this woman's identity. I think you're stretching her.

Friend of Sville...where in this article does it state the victim's initials? And if the initials are flipped, could it possibly mean they're someone else's? There are only so many letters in the alphabet. Everyone in Scottsville seems intent on finding out this woman's identity. I think you're stretching here.

Stew- I like. And Dakota, everything you wrote was crap except "maybe she moved the 'tarket'
which was Hoo-larious.

In this country people are innocent until proven guilty.

I always suspected Mr. Dumler was gay, but so it doesn't surprise me that he stands accused of anal sex. The fact that the accuser is female is the surprise. I guess butt is butt, regardless of what's out front.

We do not need a man like this in office. he deserves to be in jail. I think after this is over many people will be shocked about this mans dirty past. lets remember there is a lady out there suffering that could be one of us or a family member..very sad!

We need to be kind to people especially if they are sick. Chris needs to resign from the Board of Supervisors to work on rehabilitation. His resignation would stop all these unkind blogs which degrades our county government. Other newspapers throughout Virginia are making this their front page news story. How sad is this for the victim and Albemarle County!

Because I have put up a new story about this topic, I'm going to turn off commenting above but direct your attention instead to the new story: