Christopher Dumler

Apology tour: Can Dumler remorse salvage supe seat?
Published on Mar 1st, 2013
137 comments Scottsville Supervisor Chris Dumler is a cad. He doesn't like that description– and he's been called worse– but says, "I wouldn't say that's an unfair characterization." This is on...
Dumler dilemma: County Dems in disarray over sexual battery conviction
Published on Feb 20th, 2013
295 comments On paper it must have looked good. Instead of being convicted of felony forcible sodomy, which would remove him from the Board of Supervisors, Chris Dumler would plead guilty to misdemeanor sexual...
Censured: Former, current supes call for Dumler to resign
Published on Feb 6th, 2013
76 comments Christopher Dumler may have thought the worst was behind him when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery January 31 so he could avoid a felony conviction and remain on the Albemarle Board of...
Dumler pleads: Supe gets 30 days for sexual battery
Published on Jan 31st, 2013
97 comments Albemarle County Supervisor Christopher Dumler pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery in Albemarle County General District Court on Thursday morning January 31. He will serve 30 days behind...
Dumler back in action
Published on Nov 7th, 2012
10 comments Supervisor Christopher Dumler attended his first Albemarle Board of Supervisors meeting since his October 18 arrest for forcible sodomy. The accused 27-year-old attorney sipped coffee November 7 as...
Another arrest: Dem vice-chair charged with DUI
Published on Oct 29th, 2012
41 comments It's been a bad two weeks for Albemarle Democrats. On October 18, Supervisor Christopher Dumler was arrested for forcible sodomy. And on October 28, Cynthia Neff, the party's vice chair– and...
Breaking silence: Dumler to fight charge, stay on Board
Published on Oct 25th, 2012
30 comments Breaking a self-imposed silence, but speaking only through a brief publicist's statement, embattled Albemarle County Supervisor Christopher Dumler vows to stay on the Board and fight the forcible...
Bail set: Dumler must raise $50K and forfeit alcohol
Published on Oct 19th, 2012
39 comments As he did a day earlier, County Supervisor-turned-felony arrestee Christopher Dumler shifted uneasily in his chair and mustered an approximation of a smile as he stared into a video camera at the...
Jefferson Street at 8:29am
Published on Oct 18th, 2012
0 comments This is how the street in front of the Albemarle County Courthouse looked at 8:29 this morning, as a reporter waited for the clerk's office to open (to examine a high-profile arrest record).
Dumler arrested: County Supervisor charged with forcible sodomy
Published on Oct 18th, 2012
52 comments Self-employed lawyer and Albemarle County supervisor Christopher J. Dumler has been jailed and charged with sexual assault and felony forcible sodomy over an allegation that he performed anal...