White Gables condo sells for more than half a million



US Bank to Glen H. & Josephine L. Thacker, 5778 Alberene Road, $25,000
Grand Junction Holdings LLC to Stony Point Market LLC, 4370 Stony Point Road, $97,100
Bernard F. & Shirley L. Hiller to Danis B. Williams, Sr., 1210 Ashton Road, $177,000
Phoebe T. Geer to Taylor B. & Anne M. Brown, 1386 Minor Ridge Court, $179,000
Terry M. Tate to Argent Development LLC, 1878 Secretarys Road, $187,000       

Sally B. Hatfield to Linda Scotland Leiser, 1262 Clay Court, $214,000
Patricia A. Ray to Leroy Caudill & Elena Sila, 2163 Saranac Court, $270,000
Earl L. & Drema G. Carson to Nicholas J. & Kendra C. King, 244 Blackthorn Lane, $299,000                   

Patricia E. & Lloyd F. Wood, Jr. to Mark L. Wood, 770 Chapel Hill Road, $320,000
Ronald E. & Lucia A. Kaestner to Daniel D. Shifflett, Jr. & Debra H. Pressman,1998 English Oaks Circle N, $405,000                   

Albemarle One LLC to John J. & Elizabeth A. Catania, 765 Cleopatra Court, $615,286
Michael Joseph Del Rosso to Richard M. & Kerri G. Eng, 2404 Old Ballard Farm Road, $890,000       


Virginia Bookshop, Inc. to Krysia Nelson, Trustee, William Carmel Trust, 507 East Water Street, $249,600           

Joel D. & Jana L. Ronan to Jeff A & Nicola J. Bialy, 1111 Parker Place, $295,000

David E. Tooley, Jr. to Benjamin K. Blackman, 1641 Mulberry Avenue, $352,000



Virginia Housing Development Authority to Sean R. Rainey, 665 Lockesley Terrace, $88,000   

Freedom First Federal Credit Union to Theodore W. Jones, 356 Westfield Road, $117,000

Robert J. Rill, Trustee to Samuel R. & Joycelyn A. Thacker, 4390 Rolling Road, $141,500

Woodlands of Charlottesville LLC to Armin Kiankhooy, 1830 Candlewood Court, Unit 208, $157,500

Carol D. Harllee to Ronald E. Kaestner, 1051 Towne Lane, $172,000

Wallace J. Kirtley, Jr. to Wallace J. Kirtley III & Bruce W. Kirtley Etal, 108 Reynard Drive, $194,700

Marie Dunne W. & John K. White, Jr. to Jared S. & Serena Watson, 3564 Red Hill School Road, $228,000

William J. Doll to Jeremy J. & Tarim Djia Pleso, 2385 Lonicera Way, $237,000

Michelle D’Arco to Zachary & Teresa Amasia Keifer, 121 Guilford Lane, $268,000

Luther Coke & Kelleen M. Smith to Derek Austin & Lindsay Ivey Burden, 861 Swan Ridge Road, $321,000

John S. & Yvonne G. Watterson to Frank Lane & Nancy Ann Lynch, 486 Fontana Drive, $428,000

Scott D. Barton to Travis S. Searcy & Ellen C. Bognar, 2160 North Pantops Drive, $478,000

Elaine C. & Thomas R. Matthews, Jr., Trustees to William W.  Elizabeth S. Newell, 1506 Bremerton Lane, $480,000

Lawrence A. & Judith A. Simpson to John Charles & Candice Carter Bruse, 435 White Gables Lane, Unit 201, $530,000


Sunrise Park, LLC to Telisa L. Alston, 1412 Carlton Avenue, Unit 301, 156,216

Canvasback Real Estate & Investments LLC to 2301 North Berkshire, LLC, 2301 North Berkshire Rd, $170,000



Bank of New York Mellon to NC Seven LLC, 7872 Old Green Mountain Road, $24,250

Helen S. Berbert to Mollie Soltanoff, 136 Hessian Hills Circle, Unit 3, $108,000

Matheau A. Julien to Dawn K. Deavers, 1021 Amber Ridge Road, $180,000

Katherine Troyer to Michelle & John Brink McCarthy, 535 Stonefield Circle, $215,000

George H. & Denise C. Hunt to Karl & Florae Helmstetter & Amanda Vogel, 3100 Mollifield Lane, $326,000

Southern Property LLC to David T. & Carol C. Harrell, 717 Cole Street, $404,092

Nancy J. Lemmon, Trustee to William L. & Heidi R. Stobbart, Trustees, William L. & Heidi R. Stobbart Living Trust, 3064 Darby Road, $1,069,000

Redus VA Housing LLC to Cascadia Development LLC, 1495 Stony Point Road, TM 78 Parcels 59 & 59A, TM 78E Parcel H1, $4,000,000


That reminds me I have some bridges I need to unload...

This is actually low compared to what units here were selling for a few years ago

Where the heck is White Gables? I thought I was hip to all the premier locations, guess not. I only see one gable --is it a bilaterally symmetrical building with a sister gable on the other side? Is it only for White Peoples? Weren't the Olympic ski jump trials were held in one of the Fontana driveways? Don't leave me in the dark here Hook.