November 15th, 2012 issue #1146

November 15th, 2012
  • Bantam wait: Another indie theater gears up

    As Vinegar Hill prepares to duke it out with Regal cinemas for the art film market in Charlottesville, another independent art house is gearing up to open, but its co-founder says it won't be competing with the other two theaters. "We're going to be a true independent film space," says photographer turned filmmaker Jason Lappa, who's joined forces with freelance journalist Jayson Whitehead to open the Bantam Theater in the former Live Arts building on Market Street in January.

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  • Bond on Bond

    The grand opening film at the biggest and most luxurious movie theater in Charlottesville was Skyfall, the newest movie in the James Bond spy series; and, appropriately, the box office faces Bond Street. The Regal Stadium 14 celebrated its opening on Friday, November 9 with this film on multiple screens including its three-and-half-story high Imax cinema. While crowds were big, the weekend didn't go off without a hitch as the theater was evacuated on Sunday evening the 11th of November around 6:30 after a fire alarm sounded.

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  • Featuring Charlottesville: New indie flick packed with country music

    A pair of overseas hitmen come to Charlottesville to kill musician Jim Waive.

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  • Flick trick? The downtown Charlottesville Regal goes indie

    Amid all the hullabaloo about the opening of the 14-screen stadium-seating Regal theater at the Shops at Stonefield, some other big Regal news seems to have escaped notice: on Friday, November 9, when the Stonefield megaplex officially opens, the Regal Downtown 6 will become an arthouse cinema, showing only independent and foreign films. If the idea of an additional six movies that might not otherwise screen locally is appealing to local cinephiles, the owner of Charlottesville's existing arthouse theater strikes a cautionary note.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Most schizophrenic: In June, UVA's Board of Visitors fires President Teresa Sullivan. At its November 9 meeting, the BoV unanimously votes to extend Sullivan's contract ano...

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    November 15 at 10:15am at the Charlottesville Circuit Court Property: 706 Rockland Avenue Debtor: Bertha E. Brown Original amount owing: $337,500 Bidder brings: $...

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    COVERMovie madnessSkyfall may be the current blockbuster making bank in the theaters, but in Charlottesville, there's plenty of other movie news to keep indie-loving cineph...



  • Sisson's vision: Radio saves the video stars

    When making independent films is your passion, but making them profitable gets harder and harder, what do you do? If you're Albemarle resident Barry Sisson, producer of sev...


  • Foxhaven could be a nature haven

    It was reported in your coverage of the sale of Foxhaven Farm to the UVA Foundation [November 8 cover story: "Cavalier developments? UVA buys 199-acre near-town farm"] that...

Black and White

  • Lost in the funhouse

    If any family members go missing this weekend, it is a good bet they are burning in new neural pathways, trying to find the front door, trying to find their car, trying to ...