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Movie madness
Skyfall may be the current blockbuster making bank in the theaters, but in Charlottesville, there's plenty of other movie news to keep indie-loving cinephiles busy. From the downtown Regal's controversial transformation to an arthouse to an indie film starring local musician Jim Waive and a slew of big name country stars to the latest project from an indie-producer-turned radio star, get the popcorn ready: Charlottesville is movie town.

The horror
The affidavit backing the search warrant of the suspect in the attempted Stadium Road abduction of a UVA student reads like a road-map to horror– with confiscated items including duct tape, handcuffs, and a butcher knife. And the well-known mom of someone who lost her daughter says it's all too common– that we live in a culture of denial by thinking our sisters and daughters are safe from violence.

Carpe don-ation
Charlottesville's only mobile donut cart gets a boost from a local small business incubator called Seed-ville that gives donut lovers the chance to support their favorite donut maker and get some delicious treats in exchange. Mmmmm!

Sullivan's henchmen?
Nearly six months after what is now known as "UVA June," a group of UVA students staged a quiet protest at a recent BOV meeting that was quickly shut down, as they were threatened with criminal charges and expulsion. While the BOV has taken much heat for its treatment of President Teresa Sullivan, this time, it appears, the suppression is coming from her own administration.

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Jim Waive and Sarah White saunter across University Avenue in a scene from the upcoming feature film My Fool Heart.
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