Walking in the County southeast on Hydraulic Road past the shops at Stonefield. Enjoying the new sidewalk and trees. Headed home. Arriving at the “Main Street” of the County, U.S. Route 29, the neighborhood model takes on a new light. Not sure exactly how many lanes there are, as they are a challenge to count when standing on one side. How is the pedestrian meant to cross into Charlottesville? Carefully. [For our post-Korean Conflict readers, "DMZ" typically stands for de-militarized zone.–editor]
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It is going to be interesting to see where they put the snow since the Arcitiechtural Review Board/ Zoning thought this was a more pleasing view than an open parking lot.

I guess they can simply replace the bushes every spring...

If we should have ARB (Isay no)the voters should be able to elect them.

Your use of DMZ means what in this instance? Love an explanation. My simple mind does not compute. Wondering if your contempt for this project would be better expressed in a Letter to the Editor rather than weekly pictures with hard to decipher titles.

Electing an "Architectural Review Board" would be so disastrous. In theory these people should have some sort of experience or knowledge of actual design. If we started electing the ARB, ultimately, some soccer mom would get elected based on some single platform or bullet point, and then she'd be ultimately responsible for things she's not qualified to review.

This would be similar to electing a doctor or scientist from a pool of lawyers or construction workers. Dumb Idea.

Is this a tacit pledge from The Hook that no fee advertising will be accepted from Stonefield?

Having gone to the movies at Stonefield for the first time this weekend, I will admit that it was a surreal experience. Empty stores in a compact grid; it was like a Call of Duty game map, without the players.

The massive theatre, which was all but empty on a Saturday night with first run blockbusters playing, was the cherry on the Sunday. I'm not so sure that this mall will be pulling business from anywhere...

As you can see in the photo the "bushes" have dropped their leaves which means that they are decidous. Which means they can have ten feet of snow piled up on them and they will be just fine. I hate stonefield too by the way. Big box that was once a field is mo like it.

I prefer the term shrubs instead of "bushes" it is much more pc.

Buzzbomb I do elect or select my doctor and it has worked well. So should we not vote for our representatives since they might be poor choice(some are) still think we should be able to choose looking the results we get now.

@photo guy, I imagine that DMZ stands for de-militarized zone, viz. a boundary or frontier between two powers, in this particular instance the county and city. It also refers to a bombed-out wasteland or no-man's land, which parts of this shopping center certainly resemble. To add to the list of military-influenced descriptors, I've also heard community members also refer to it as Stalag 13 and Bunkerville.

I must say, your comment emanates a distinct air of sour grapes.

BBJ, would you select a doctor that has not been to medical school? If you elected the ARB, you'd ultimately have untrained individuals trying to get on the ARB because they don't like stonefield, or they don't like tented restaurants, or they dont think buildings are worth saving, but none of the above would have practical experience in Architecture, Zoning, Planning, or Design.

I'm sorry, but I'm not buying it.