Wetlands are under construction on the north bank of Moore's Creek, upstream from its intersection with the Rivanna. They'll replace the wetlands projected to be lost to the enlarged Ragged Mountain Reservoir.


Is this the area where work is being done off Franklin St. next to the old stockyard? Are these new "wetlands" really intended to replace whats being lost @ Ragged Mt.? A few acres of muddy field hemmed in by a busy street, an interstate highway and adjacent to a sewage treatment plant. I'm guessing the wildlife would be less than thrilled.

Yes all those animals from the Ragged Mountain Naturel Area will just love this "wetland". Maybe it should be called HuJa, Szakos and Galvin Disaster Relief Area. Don't forget the porta-potty for the human vomit as they visit this area.

I know, right?! The Ragged Mountain Natural Area has been there since 1999!! How dare anyone despoil this precious natural resource that has been protected for all of 14 whole years!!! How on earth will those trees be replaced??? I mean, trees don't grow on trees!!!!

Construction of this dam will be akin to the apocalypse. Hoard canned goods and ammunition and prepare for the packs flesh eating zombies, people!!

@Meanwhile, the replacement of wetlands at Ragged Mountain is required by federal law. Those who have commented are merely asking if these new wetlands will accommodate what was removed in order to build the dam. Remember: snideness more often than not usually reflect ignorance. Neither comment mentioned trees.

Thank you for the instruction on what snideness reflects. I guess responding in kind to this: "should be called HuJa, Szakos and Galvin Disaster Relief Area. Don't forget the porta-potty for the human vomit" was uncalled for and I apologize for stooping to that commenter's level.

I've been watching the work done here and could not figure out why someone was building in a swamp. Now I understand that the swamp is being made swampier.

@meanwhile...., are you also Meanwhile? I assumed it was someone different.

What happened to Richmond Hill Georgia Real Estate's comment?

I think I see a loon.