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They say that companies that contract with our City are bound by tree protection guidelines. We will watch a few trees. See how that goes…

Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at


Construction vehicle photographed on Franklin Street! Sound the alarms!

Thats not a tree it's a twig. Bill give us a break why don't you? Put on the color lense and go take some photos that you can write a happy caption for. All of your doom and gloom is bringin me down and wayyy harshin on my buzz bro. How about that big azz tree on E-ville Rd go snap some photos of that or something.

Trees are weeds in Central Virginia and the "urban planning" standards that mandate their reflexive planting at every construction site are stupid. I'm totally on board with Really's comments about the buzz-kill aspect of Mr. Emory's lugubrious fetish for trees. Enough already; the area is a jungle and the problem is more that we don't proactively eliminate enough trees to make our built environment safer and more pleasant. The experiences of last Summer's Derecho and the March snowstorm should illuminate what I'm saying. WE need tree-free buffers in each road right of way and more aggressive tree culling near utility lines. Urban property owners should be required to limit tree height to 35 feet by topping and trimming. The city will cite you for allowing weeds to grow on your property, yet you can allow an over-mature Oak to grow on the same property until it endangers the welfare of those proximate to it.
Mr. Emory could use something more pertinent to engage his obvious surfeit of free time...

lugubrious fetish for trees! Well said little buddy.